Church Planting in UPGs

Planting a church among the least reached poses many obstacles. Aside from the money and material things needed to move in and set up shop, there are anywhere from 3 - 5 years of language learning and documentation in our future before we can effectively begin communicating the truth of the gospel in teaching sessions.

A huge part of getting the written Word of God into a tribal language, however, involves the arduous task of developing a written language for this people group. This work begins by looking carefully at the sounds made in the tribal language, and choosing appropriate letters to represent these sounds from the country's main written language. The process ideally ends with a completely indigenous literacy program - tribal people teaching other tribal people how to read and write their own language! This entire process is called "Linguistics."

Once all the language stuff is out of the way, relational discipleship and foundational bible teaching in the heart language of the tribal people begins, and indigenous church leaders are trained up. This process begins the day the first tribal people come to faith, and continues to the second coming! Our role in the tribe then slowly moves away from primary teachers to discipleship and translation of Scripture and other teaching resources.

This whole process involves many people. We will have a core group of about 2 other families on location with us in the tribal location. Considering the 60+ other families serving in a supporting role (pilots, teachers, supply buyers, building/maintenance help), the team in-country is huge, not to mention all the prayer and financial support provided to ALL of these families… Reaching the unreached is a GOD sized job.

To support JUST the three families in a village for the 20 years it takes to see a mature indigenous church planted, and another language reached with the gospel will cost around $15,000,000 USD - and there are still HUNDREDS of these languages in Papua New Guinea alone

PNG is Home to about 8 million people. about 3% of the population lives in third-world urban centers like (this one, the one we are stationed in, Wewak, Goroka, Lae, Hagen...)

PNG is special - nearly 900 indigenous languages here, known to the locals here as a "Village Language" - Many of these have multiple village dilaects and can be extremely complicated.

We are partnering with local churches and individuals in the USA to plant sister churches among the least reached people on the planet. We intend to move into a remote tribal location, learn the undocumented tribal language of the people in there, develop a written language and literacy program in this tribal group, translate scripture into said language -and all this in hopes of seeing an indigenous sister church planted among the people there.

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5 Column 6
Aimaq Afghanistan 800000 Possible
Ashkun Afghanistan 7000 Possible
Darwazi Afghanistan 10000 Possible
Gawar-Bati Afghanistan 9500 Possible
Grangali Afghanistan 5000 Possible
Kamviri Afghanistan 6000 Possible
Kati Afghanistan 20000 Possible
Malakhel Afghanistan 2000 Possible
Munji Afghanistan 3768 Possible
Pahlavani Afghanistan Uncertain Possible
Parachi Afghanistan 500 Possible
Pashayi, Northeast Afghanistan 544120 Possible
Pashayi, Northwest Afghanistan Uncertain Possible
Pashayi, Southeast Afghanistan 54412 Possible
Pashayi, Southwest Afghanistan 108000 Possible
Prasuni Afghanistan 2000 Possible
Sanglechi-Ishkashimi Afghanistan 2500 Definite
Savi Afghanistan 3000 Possible
Shumashti Afghanistan 1000 Possible
Tangshewi Afghanistan 10000 Possible
Tregami Afghanistan 1000 Possible
Waigali Afghanistan 8000 Possible
Warduji Afghanistan 5000 Possible
Wotapuri-Katarqalai Afghanistan 2000 Possible
Algerian SignLanguage Algeria Uncertain Possible
Arabic, Algerian Saharan Spoken Algeria 110000 | Possible
Chenoua Algeria 4764 Possible
Korandje Algeria Uncertain Possible
Tagargrent Algeria 5000 Possible
Tamazight, Temacine Algeria 6000 Possible
Tamazight, Tidikelt Algeria 9000 Possible
Taznatit Algeria 40000 Possible
Bolo Angola Uncertain Possible
Holu Angola 12000 Definite
Luimbi Angola 20000 Possible
Maligo Angola Uncertain Possible
Mbangala Angola Uncertain Possible
Mbwela Angola 172000 Possible
Ndombe Angola Uncertain Possible
Ngandyera Angola Uncertain Possible
Nkangala Angola Uncertain Possible
Nyemba Angola 181540 Possible
Nyengo Angola 5000 Possible
Oung Angola 5629 Possible
Sama Angola 17000 Possible
Yauma Angola Uncertain Possible
Armenian SignLanguage Armenia Uncertain Possible
Lomavren Armenia 50 Possible
Australian Aborigines SignLanguage Australia Uncertain Possible
Maung Australia 400 Definite
Wik-Ngathana Australia 126 Possible
Budukh Azerbaijan 1000 Possible
Khinalugh Azerbaijan 1500 Possible
Kryts Azerbaijan 6000 Possible
Talysh Azerbaijan 800000 Possible
Bahamas Creole English Bahamas 22500 Probable
Arabic, Baharna Spoken Bahrain 310000 Possible
Chittagonian Bangladesh 14000000 Definite
Megam Bangladesh Uncertain Possible
Pankhu Bangladesh 2278 Definite
Shendu Bangladesh 1000 Definite
Tangchangya Bangladesh 17700 Definite
War-Jaintia Bangladesh 32000 Definite
Bajan Barbados 259000 Possible
Flemish SignLanguage Belgium 6000 Definite
Walloon SignLanguage Belgium Uncertain Definite
Aguna Benin 3470 Possible
Gbe, Saxwe Benin 6272 Definite
Gbe, Tofin Benin 90000 Possible
Adap Bhutan Uncertain Possible
Brokkat Bhutan 300 Possible
Brokpake Bhutan 5000 Possible
Bumthangkha Bhutan 30000 Definite
Chalikha Bhutan 1000 Definite
Chocangacakha Bhutan 20000 Possible
Dakpakha Bhutan 1000 Definite
Dzalakha Bhutan 15000 Definite
Gongduk Bhutan 2000 Possible
Kurtokha Bhutan 10000 Definite
Lakha Bhutan 8000 Possible
Layakha Bhutan Uncertain Possible
Lhokpu Bhutan 2500 Possible
Lunanakha Bhutan 700 Possible
Nupbikha Bhutan Uncertain Possible
Nyenkha Bhutan 10000 Definite
Olekha Bhutan 1000 Possible
Bolivian SignLanguage Bolivia 350 Possible
Ani Botswana 1000 Possible
Birwa Botswana 15000 Possible
Gana Botswana 2000 Possible
Gwi Botswana 2500 Possible
Kua Botswana 817 Possible
Shua Botswana 6000 Possible
Tsoa Botswana 8536 Possible
Tswapong Botswana 2000 Possible
Amundava Brazil 50 Possible
Arawete Brazil 293 Definite
Ava-Canoeiro Brazil 40 Possible
Aweti Brazil 138 Possible
Brazilian SignLanguage Brazil Uncertain Definite
Cinta Larga Brazil 1300 Possible
Enawene-Nawe Brazil 320 Possible
Gaviao, Para Brazil 338 Definite
Guaja Brazil 370 Definite
Himarima Brazil 24 Possible
Iapama Brazil Uncertain Possible
Iate Brazil 2930 Possible
Ipeka-Tapuia Brazil 135 Possible
Irantxe Brazil 326 Possible
Juruna Brazil 278 Probable
Kabixi Brazil 100 Possible
Kamayura Brazil 355 Definite
Kohoroxitari Brazil 622 Possible
Korubo Brazil 500 Possible
Krenak Brazil 150 Possible
Matipuhy Brazil 40 Possible
Matis Brazil 120 Probable
Mehinaku Brazil 121 Probable
Panará Brazil 250 Probable
Pokanga Brazil 100 Possible
Poyanawa Brazil 12 Possible
Saluma Brazil Uncertain Possible
Tapirape Brazil 501 Possible
Uru-Eu-Wau-Wau Brazil 100 Possible
Uru-Pa-In Brazil 200 Possible
Waimiri-Atroari Brazil 931 Definite
Zoe Brazil 152 Definite
Belait Brunei 700 Possible
Bisaya, Brunei Brunei 600 Possible
Brunei Brunei 304000 Possible
Tutong 1 Brunei 25000 Possible
Tutong 2 Brunei 12000 Possible
Bulgarian SignLanguage Bulgaria Uncertain Possible
Bolon Burkina Faso 17000 Definite
Bwamu, Cwi Burkina Faso 24000 Definite
Bwamu, Laa Laa Burkina Faso 69210 | Definite
Dagaari Dioula Burkina Faso 21000 Definite
Dogoso Burkina Faso 9000 Definite
Kalamse Burkina Faso 11000 Definite
Marka Burkina Faso 225000 Definite
Nuni, Northern Burkina Faso 45000 Definite
Seeku Burkina Faso 17000 Definite
Senoufo, Senara Burkina Faso 50000 Definite
Songhay Burkina Faso 140000 Probable
Toussian, Northern Burkina Faso 19500 Definite
Viemo Burkina Faso 8000 Definite
Wara Burkina Faso 4500 Definite
Chong Cambodia 8000 Definite
Kaco Cambodia 2000 Definite
Kraol Cambodia 2600 Definite
Lamam Cambodia 1000 Possible
Pear Cambodia 1300 Probable
Samre Cambodia 50 Probable
Saoch Cambodia 500 Possible
Somray Cambodia 2000 Possible
Suoy Cambodia 200 Possible
Abar Cameroon 2000 Possible
Akum Cameroon 1400 Possible
Ambele Cameroon 2600 Definite
Atong Cameroon 4200 Possible
Baba Cameroon 24500 Definite
Bafaw-Balong Cameroon 8400 Possible
Bakaka Cameroon 30000 Possible
Bakole Cameroon 300 Possible
Balo Cameroon Uncertain Possible
Bambili-Bambui Cameroon 10000 Possible
Bamenyam Cameroon 4000 Definite
Bamukumbit Cameroon 7300 Definite
Bangandu Cameroon 2700 Definite
Bankon Cameroon 12000 Possible
Barombi Cameroon 3000 Possible
Bassossi Cameroon 5000 Probable
Beba Cameroon 3000 Probable
Bebele Cameroon 24000 Probable
Bebil Cameroon 6000 Probable
Befang Cameroon 2975 Definite
Bonkeng Cameroon Uncertain Possible
Busam Cameroon Uncertain Possible
Byep Cameroon 9500 Definite
Caka Cameroon 5000 Definite
Cung Cameroon 2000 Possible
Dek Cameroon Uncertain Possible
Dzodinka Cameroon 2600 Definite
Fang Cameroon 2400 Possible
Gimnime Cameroon 3000 Definite
Giziga, North Cameroon 20000 Possible
Isu Cameroon 10400 Probable
Isu Cameroon 800 Possible
Iyive Cameroon 2000 Possible
Jina Cameroon 1500 Possible
Koshin Cameroon 1000 Possible
Kuk Cameroon 3000 Possible
Kung Cameroon 1750 Possible
Kwa' Cameroon 1000 Possible
Kwaja Cameroon 2975 Probable
Kwakum Cameroon 10000 Probable
Laimbue Cameroon 5000 Possible
Lefa Cameroon 10000 Definite
Longto Cameroon 2400 Definite
Mambai Cameroon 10000 Definite
Manta Cameroon 5300 Definite
Mazagway Cameroon 17000 Possible
Mbo Cameroon Uncertain Possible
Mbonga Cameroon Uncertain Possible
Mbu Cameroon 1000 Possible
Mbule Cameroon Uncertain Possible
Mefele Cameroon 11000 Possible
Mendankwe-Nkwen Cameroon 23050 Definite
Mengaka Cameroon 20000 Probable
Menka Cameroon 5200 Probable
Mesaka Cameroon 14000 Possible
Mina Cameroon 10987 Definite
Mmen Cameroon 35000 Possible
Mokpwe Cameroon 32200 Probable
Mpongmpong Cameroon 45000 Definite
Mundabli Cameroon Uncertain Possible
Ndaktup Cameroon 2975 Probable
Ndanda Cameroon 10000 Possible
Ndemli Cameroon Uncertain Possible
Ngemba Cameroon 18800 Probable
Ngombale Cameroon 45000 Probable
Ngoshie Cameroon 9200 Probable
Ngwe Cameroon 73200 Definite
Ngwo Cameroon 22000 Probable
Nimbari Cameroon 130 Possible
Njen Cameroon 1800 Possible
Nkongho Cameroon Uncertain Possible
Nyong Cameroon 17000 Probable
Osatu Cameroon 400 Possible
Pol Cameroon 27000 Possible
Sharwa Cameroon 5100 Possible
Tibea Cameroon 1400 Probable
Tsuvan Cameroon 2300 Definite
Tuki Cameroon 26000 Probable
Usaghade Cameroon 10000 Possible
Wawa Cameroon 3000 Possible
Weh Cameroon 6900 Probable
Wumboko Cameroon 4000 Possible
Wushi Cameroon 12350 Definite
Yasa Cameroon 2401 Possible
Zhoa Cameroon 2000 Possible
Zizilivakan Cameroon 300 Possible
Cree, Woods Canada 35000 Possible
Banda-Bambari Central African Republic 183000 Definite
Banda-Banda Central African Republic 102000 Definite
Banda-Ndele Central African Republic 35500 Probable
Birri Central African Republic 200 Possible
Bofi Central African Republic 23500 Probable
Bokoto Central African Republic 130000 Probable
Buraka Central African Republic 2500 Possible
Ganzi Central African Republic 1400 Possible
Gbanziri Central African Republic 17500 Possible
Gbayi Central African Republic 5500 Possible
Geme Central African Republic 550 Possible
Gundi Central African Republic 9000 Possible
Kara Central African Republic 4800 Possible
Kpagua Central African Republic 3830 Possible
Kpatili Central African Republic 4500 Possible
Langbashe Central African Republic 43000 Possible
Limassa Central African Republic Uncertain Possible
Ngbaka Mabo Central African Republic 189553 | Possible
Ngombe Central African Republic 1450 Possible
Pande Central African Republic 9700 Possible
Sara Dunjo Central African Republic 4000 | Possible
Sara Kaba Central African Republic 13600 | Possible
Ukhwejo Central African Republic 2000 Possible
Yakoma Central African Republic 110000 Possible
Yulu Central African Republic 7000 Possible
Amdang Chad 15000 Possible
Arabic, Babalia Creole Chad 3937 Possible
Assangori Chad 38500 Definite
Barein Chad 4100 Definite
Bidiyo Chad 14000 Definite
Birgit Chad 3600 Possible
Bolgo Chad 1800 Definite
Bon Gula Chad 1200 Definite
Boor Chad 100 Possible
Chadian SignLanguage Chad 390 Possible
Daju, Dar Sila Chad 33000 Definite
Disa Chad Uncertain Possible
Fania Chad 1100 Definite
Fongoro Chad 1000 Possible
Fulfulde, Bagirmi Chad 180000 Probable
Gadang Chad 2500 Definite
Gula Chad 10251 Probable
Gula Iro Chad 3500 Definite
Jaya Chad 2200 Definite
Jonkor Bourmataguil Chad 1500 Possible
Kajakse Chad 10000 Possible
Karanga Chad 10000 Definite
Kendeje Chad 1859 Possible
Kibet Chad 18500 Definite
Kujarge Chad 1000 Possible
Kulfa Chad 2200 Probable
Laal Chad 749 Possible
Mararit Chad 42388 Definite
Marfa Chad 5000 Possible
Masmaje Chad 25727 Definite
Mbara Chad 1000 Possible
Mimi Chad 5000 Definite
Mire Chad 1400 Possible
Mogum Chad 7000 Definite
Morom Chad 2000 Possible
Mubi Chad 35277 Definite
Runga Chad 43000 Definite
Saba Chad 1335 Definite
Sarua Chad 2000 Definite
Sinyar Chad 12321 Definite
Surbakhal Chad 7885 Probable
Tama Chad 62931 Definite
Tamki Chad 500 Possible
Toram Chad 4000 Possible
Ubi Chad 1100 Possible
Zirenkel Chad 2237 Possible
Chilean SignLanguage Chile Uncertain Possible
Quechua, Chilean Chile Uncertain Possible
Ai-Cham China 2300 Possible
Ainu China 5000 Possible
Atuence China 520000 Possible
Ayi China 2200 Possible
Bai, Northern China 40000 Probable
Bai, Southern China 400000 Probable
Baima China 11000 Possible
Biao China 50000 Possible
Biao Mon China 20000 Probable
Biao-Jiao Mien China 43000 Definite
Biyo China 100000 Definite
Bogan China 6000 Possible
Bolyu China 10000 Possible
Bonan China 6000 Definite
Bugan China 3000 Possible
Bunu, Bu-Nao China 258000 Definite
Bunu, Jiongnai China 1078 Definite
Bunu, Wunai China 18442 Definite
Bunu, Younuo China 9716 Definite
Buriat, China China 65000 Possible
Buxinhua China 200 Possible
Buyang China 2772 Possible
Cao Miao China 63632 Possible
Chinese SignLanguage China 3000000 Definite
Choni China 22710 Possible
Cun China 80000 Possible
Darang Deng China 850 Possible
Daur China 96085 Definite
Dong, Northern China 463000 Probable
Drung China 11300 Definite
Dzao Min China 60000 Definite
E China 30000 Possible
Ersu China 9000 Possible
Gelao China 3000 Definite
Geman Deng China 200 Possible
Groma China 12840 Possible
Guanyinqiao China 50000 Possible
Guiqiong China 6000 Possible
Hlai China 667000 Definite
Hmong, Central Huishui China 30000 Definite
Hmong, Central Mashan China 50000 Definite
Hmong, Eastern Huishui China 20000 Definite
Hmong, Eastern Qiandong China 200000 Definite
Hmong, Eastern Xiangxi China 70000 Definite
Hmong, Luopohe China 40000 Definite
Hmong, Northern Guiyang China 60000 Definite
Hmong, Northern Huishui China 50000 Definite
Hmong, Northern Mashan China 25000 Definite
Hmong, Southern Guiyang China 20000 Definite
Hmong, Southern Mashan China 7000 Definite
Hmong, Southern Qiandong China 300000 Definite
Hmong, Southwestern Guiyang China 50000 Definite
Hmong, Southwestern Huishui China 40000 Definite
Hmong, Western Mashan China 10000 Definite
Hmong, Western Xiangxi China 700000 Definite
Honi China 100000 Possible
Horpa China 38000 Possible
Hu China 1000 Possible
Ili Turki China 120 Possible
Jiamao China 52300 Possible
Jiarong China 83000 Possible
Jinuo, Buyuan China 1000 Definite
Jinuo, Youle China 13000 Definite
Kemiehua China 1000 Possible
Kim Mun China 374500 Definite
Kon Keu China Uncertain Possible
Kuanhua China 1000 Possible
Lakkia China 8703 Definite
Lingao China 600000 Possible
Man Met China 900 Possible
Maonan China 20000 Definite
Mulam China 50000 Definite
Muya China 13000 Possible
Namuyi China 4000 Possible
Nusu China 7000 Possible
Oroqen China 3000 Definite
Pa Di China 1300 Possible
Pa-Hng China 33700 Definite
Panang China Uncertain Possible
Pela China 400 Possible
Pumi, Northern China 35000 Definite
Qiang, Southern China 81300 Definite
Queyu China 7000 Possible
Salar China 60000 Definite
Samei China 10000 Possible
Sarikoli China 16000 Definite
Shangzhai China 4100 Possible
She China 911 Possible
Shixing China 1800 Possible
Sui China 200120 Definite
Tai Hongjin China 150000 Possible
Tai Nua China 442400 Possible
Tai Ya China 34000 Possible
Takpa China Uncertain Possible
Ten China 15000 Possible
Tibetan, Amdo China 809500 Definite
Tibetan, Khams China 1487000 Definite
Tsat China 3800 Possible
Tseku China 4786 Possible
Tujia, Northern China 70000 Definite
U China 3000 Possible
Waxianghua China 300000 Possible
Wutunhua China 2000 Possible
Xiandao China 100 Possible
Xibe China 30000 Definite
Yerong China 378 Possible
Yi, Ache China 35000 Probable
Yi, Awu China 20000 Probable
Yi, Axi China 60000 Probable
Yi, Azhe China 40000 Probable
Yi, Dayao China 170000 Probable
Yi, Eastern Lalu China 38000 Probable
Yi, Eshan-Xinping China 300000 Probable
Yi, Guizhou China 905000 Definite
Yi, Limi China 29000 Probable
Yi, Mili China 23000 Probable
Yi, Miqie China 13000 Probable
Yi, Muji China 52000 Probable
Yi, Naluo China 40000 Probable
Yi, Poluo China 170000 Probable
Yi, Pula China 20000 Probable
Yi, Puwa China 29000 Probable
Yi, Sani China 90000 Definite
Yi, Southeastern Lolo China 36000 Probable
Yi, Southern China 470000 Possible
Yi, Southern Lolopho China 190000 Probable
Yi, Western China 300000 Definite
Yi, Western Lalu China 38000 Probable
Yi, Wumeng China 40000 Probable
Yi, Wusa China 200000 Probable
Yi, Xishan Lalu China 320000 Probable
Yi, Yuanjiang-Mojiang China 230000 Probable
Yugur, East China 3000 Definite
Yugur, West China 2600 Definite
Zauzou China 2300 Possible
Zhaba China 7700 Possible
Andoque Colombia 200 Possible
Carabayo Colombia 150 Possible
Embera-Baudo Colombia 5000 Possible
Inga, Jungle Colombia 9141 Definite
Playero Colombia 244 Probable
Providencia SignLanguage Colombia 19 Possible
Tunebo, Barro Negro Colombia 300 Possible
Tunebo, Western Colombia 700 Probable
Yari Colombia 758 Possible
Comorian, Mwali Comoros Islands 27194 Definite
Comorian, Ndzwani Comoros Islands 264324 Definite
Comorian, Ngazidja Comoros Islands Uncertain Definite
Akwa Congo Uncertain Possible
Bomitaba Congo 9823 Definite
Bomwali Congo 39280 Probable
Bonjo Congo 3000 Possible
Bwisi Congo 4428 Possible
Doondo Congo 3018 Possible
Kaamba Congo 3018 Possible
Koyo Congo 1000 Probable
Kunyi Congo 52000 Probable
Laari Congo 90553 Possible
Likuba Congo 30184 Possible
Likwala Congo 45276 Possible
Mboko Congo 27166 Possible
Moi Congo 3018 Possible
Monzombo Congo 13000 Possible
Ndasa Congo 6988 Possible
Ngundi Congo 3000 Possible
Ngungwel Congo 45000 Definite
Ombamba Congo 15092 Definite
Suundi Congo 120737 Probable
Teke-Kukuya Congo 38787 Probable
Teke-Laali Congo Uncertain Possible
Teke-Tsaayi Congo 129567 Possible
Teke-Tyee Congo 14400 Possible
Vili Congo 10995 Possible
Yaka Congo 10000 Possible
Rakahanga-Manihiki Cook Islands 5000 Possible
Aizi, Aproumu Côte d'Ivoire 6500 Probable
Aizi, Mobumrin Côte d'Ivoire 2000 Probable
Aizi, Tiagbamrin Côte d'Ivoire 9000 Probable
Avikam Côte d'Ivoire 21000 Definite
Daho-Doo Côte d'Ivoire 4000 Possible
Dida, Lakota Côte d'Ivoire 93800 Definite
Jeri Kuo Côte d'Ivoire 1500 Possible
Kodia Côte d'Ivoire 837 Possible
Koro Côte d'Ivoire 40000 Probable
Koyaga Côte d'Ivoire 60000 Probable
Krobu Côte d'Ivoire 9920 Possible
Krumen, Pye Côte d'Ivoire 20000 Definite
Kulango, Bouna Côte d'Ivoire 157500 Definite
Maninka, Forest Côte d'Ivoire 15000 Probable
Mbato Côte d'Ivoire 25000 Definite
Neyo Côte d'Ivoire 9200 Possible
Wane Côte d'Ivoire 2100 Possible
Wojenaka Côte d'Ivoire 120000 Definite
Croatia SignLanguage Croatia Uncertain Possible
Istriot Croatia 1000 Possible
Romanian, Istro Croatia 555 Possible
Cuba SignLanguage Cuba Uncertain Possible
Asoa Democratic Republic of Congo Uncertain | Possible
Babango Democratic Republic of Congo Uncertain | Possible
Baloi Democratic Republic of Congo Uncertain | Possible
Bamwe Democratic Republic of Congo 20000 | Definite
Banda, Togbo-Vara Democratic Republic of Congo | 24000 | Possible
Bangba Democratic Republic of Congo 11000 | Probable
Bangubangu Democratic Republic of Congo 171000 | Definite
Barambu Democratic Republic of Congo 25570 | Possible
Bemba Democratic Republic of Congo 295780 | Possible
Bendi Democratic Republic of Congo 32000 | Possible
Bera Democratic Republic of Congo 120000 | Probable
Bila Democratic Republic of Congo 40000 | Definite
Boko Democratic Republic of Congo Uncertain | Possible
Bolia Democratic Republic of Congo 45000 | Possible
Bolondo Democratic Republic of Congo 3000 | Possible
Boma Democratic Republic of Congo 20500 | Possible
Bomboma Democratic Republic of Congo 23000 | Definite
Borna Democratic Republic of Congo Uncertain | Possible
Bozaba Democratic Republic of Congo 5500 | Possible
Budza Democratic Republic of Congo 226000 | Definite
Buya Democratic Republic of Congo Uncertain | Possible
Buyu Democratic Republic of Congo Uncertain | Possible
Bwa Democratic Republic of Congo 200000 | Definite
Bwela Democratic Republic of Congo Uncertain | Possible
Dengese Democratic Republic of Congo 8600 | Possible
Ding Democratic Republic of Congo Uncertain | Possible
Dongo Democratic Republic of Congo 12900 | Possible
Enya Democratic Republic of Congo 15000 | Possible
Foma Democratic Republic of Congo Uncertain | Possible
Furu Democratic Republic of Congo 16000 | Possible
Gilima Democratic Republic of Congo 12000 | Definite
Gobu Democratic Republic of Congo 12000 | Possible
Hamba Democratic Republic of Congo Uncertain | Possible
Havu Democratic Republic of Congo Uncertain | Possible
Hema Democratic Republic of Congo 124650 | Possible
Hemba Democratic Republic of Congo 180958 | Definite
Holoholo Democratic Republic of Congo 12500 | Definite
Hungana Democratic Republic of Congo 24 | Possible
Joba Democratic Republic of Congo 10000 | Possible
Kabwari Democratic Republic of Congo Uncertain | Possible
Kaiku Democratic Republic of Congo Uncertain | Possible
Kango Democratic Republic of Congo 2000 | Probable
Kango Democratic Republic of Congo Uncertain | Possible
Kanu Democratic Republic of Congo 3500 | Possible
Kari Democratic Republic of Congo 1000 | Possible
Kela Democratic Republic of Congo 180000 | Possible
Kete Democratic Republic of Congo Uncertain | Possible
Kpala Democratic Republic of Congo 3000 | Possible
Kusu Democratic Republic of Congo 26000 | Possible
Kwami Democratic Republic of Congo 24 | Possible
Kwese Democratic Republic of Congo 60000 | Possible
Lalia Democratic Republic of Congo 55000 | Possible
Lele Democratic Republic of Congo 26000 | Probable
Lengola Democratic Republic of Congo 100000 | Possible
Libinza Democratic Republic of Congo 10000 | Probable
Likila Democratic Republic of Congo Uncertain | Possible
Lombi Democratic Republic of Congo 12000 | Probable
Lombo Democratic Republic of Congo 10000 | Possible
Lonzo Democratic Republic of Congo 24 | Possible
Lusengo Democratic Republic of Congo Uncertain | Possible
Lwalu Democratic Republic of Congo 21000 | Possible
Ma Democratic Republic of Congo 4700 | Possible
Mabaale Democratic Republic of Congo Uncertain | Possible
Mamvu Democratic Republic of Congo 60000 | Possible
Mangbutu Democratic Republic of Congo 15000 | Possible
Mba Democratic Republic of Congo 36087 | Definite
Mbala Democratic Republic of Congo 200000 | Possible
Mbesa Democratic Republic of Congo Uncertain | Possible
Mbole Democratic Republic of Congo 100000 | Definite
Mfinu Democratic Republic of Congo Uncertain | Possible
Mituku Democratic Republic of Congo 50948 | Definite
Moingi Democratic Republic of Congo Uncertain | Possible
Mpuono Democratic Republic of Congo 165000 | Possible
Mvuba Democratic Republic of Congo 5095 | Possible
Ndaka Democratic Republic of Congo 25000 | Probable
Ndobo Democratic Republic of Congo Uncertain | Possible
Ndunga Democratic Republic of Congo 2500 | Possible
Ngbundu Democratic Republic of Congo 16000 | Possible
Ngelima Democratic Republic of Congo Uncertain | Possible
Ngul Democratic Republic of Congo Uncertain | Possible
Ngundu Democratic Republic of Congo Uncertain | Possible
Nkutu Democratic Republic of Congo 40000 | Possible
Nyali Democratic Republic of Congo 43000 | Probable
Nyanga Democratic Republic of Congo 150000 | Definite
Nyindu Democratic Republic of Congo Uncertain | Possible
Ombo Democratic Republic of Congo Uncertain | Possible
Pambia Democratic Republic of Congo 21000 | Possible
Pelende Democratic Republic of Congo Uncertain | Possible
Poke Democratic Republic of Congo 46000 | Possible
Sakata Democratic Republic of Congo 75000 | Definite
Salampasu Democratic Republic of Congo 60000 | Probable
Samba Democratic Republic of Congo Uncertain | Possible
Seba Democratic Republic of Congo Uncertain | Possible
Sengele Democratic Republic of Congo Uncertain | Possible
Sere Democratic Republic of Congo 2525 | Possible
Sonde Democratic Republic of Congo Uncertain | Possible
Songa Democratic Republic of Congo Uncertain | Possible
Songo Democratic Republic of Congo Uncertain | Possible
Songomeno Democratic Republic of Congo 50000 | Possible
Songoora Democratic Republic of Congo 1300 | Possible
Suku Democratic Republic of Congo 50000 | Definite
Tagbu Democratic Republic of Congo Uncertain | Possible
Tembo Democratic Republic of Congo 5000 | Possible
Vanuma Democratic Republic of Congo 6700 | Probable
Wongo Democratic Republic of Congo 12691 | Definite
Yamongeri Democratic Republic of Congo Uncertain | Possible
Yansi Democratic Republic of Congo 100000 | Probable
Yela Democratic Republic of Congo 33000 | Possible
Zimba Democratic Republic of Congo 120000 | Definite
Jutish Denmark Uncertain Possible
Traveller Danish Denmark Uncertain Possible
Dominican SignLanguage Dominican Republic Uncertain Possible
Adabe East Timor 1000 Possible
Bunak East Timor 50000 Definite
Galoli East Timor 50000 Definite
Habu East Timor 1260 Definite
Idaté East Timor 5000 Possible
Kairui-Midiki East Timor 2000 Probable
Kemak East Timor 50000 Definite
Lakalei East Timor 5000 Probable
Makasae East Timor 70000 Definite
Mambae East Timor 80000 Definite
Nauete East Timor 1000 Probable
Tukudede East Timor 63170 Definite
Waimaa East Timor 3000 Probable
Ecuadorian SignLanguage Ecuador 188000 Definite
Media Lengua Ecuador 1000 Possible
Siwi Egypt 5000 Possible
Salvadoran SignLanguage El Salvador Uncertain Possible
Batanga Equatorial Guinea 12600 Probable
Fa D'ambu Equatorial Guinea 2500 Definite
Molengue Equatorial Guinea 1000 Probable
Seki Equatorial Guinea 14690 Possible
Nara Eritrea 63000 Definite
Saho Eritrea 166750 Definite
Estonian SignLanguage Estonia 4500 Possible
Arbore Ethiopia 4441 Possible
Argobba Ethiopia 10860 Possible
Baiso Ethiopia 1010 Possible
Bambassi Ethiopia 5000 Possible
Bussa Ethiopia 6624 Possible
Chara Ethiopia 6932 Possible
Dime Ethiopia 6501 Definite
Ethiopian SignLanguage Ethiopia Uncertain Possible
Hozo Ethiopia 3000 Definite
Inor Ethiopia 2800000 Definite
Kachama-Ganjule Ethiopia 4072 Possible
Kistane Ethiopia 254682 Definite
Libido Ethiopia 36612 Definite
Melo Ethiopia 20151 Possible
Mesqan Ethiopia 25000 Possible
Nayi Ethiopia 3656 Possible
Nyangatom Ethiopia 14177 Possible
Opuuo Ethiopia 301 Possible
Oyda Ethiopia 16597 Possible
Seze Ethiopia 3000 Definite
Sheko Ethiopia 23785 Definite
Tsamai Ethiopia 8621 Possible
Zay Ethiopia 4880 Possible
Zayse-Zergulla Ethiopia 20000 Definite
Fijian, Western Fiji 57000 Definite
Gone Dau Fiji 686 Possible
Lauan Fiji 16000 Possible
Lomaiviti Fiji Uncertain Possible
Namosi-Naitasiri-Serua Fiji 1627 Possible
Finnish SignLanguage Finland 5000 Definite
Finnish-Swedish SignLanguage Finland 150 Possible
Saami, Inari Finland 350 Possible
Auvergnat France 1315000 Possible
Franco-Provencal France 77000 Possible
Lyons SignLanguage France Uncertain Probable
Emerillon French Guiana 400 Possible
Austral French Polynesia 8000 Possible
Mangareva French Polynesia 1600 Definite
Marquesan, South French Polynesia 2100 Definite
Rapa French Polynesia 521 Possible
Barama Gabon 6000 Possible
Bubi Gabon 5000 Possible
Kande Gabon 1000 Possible
Kaningi Gabon 6000 Possible
Kele Gabon 9226 Possible
Kota Gabon 43497 Possible
Lumbu Gabon 22699 Possible
Mahongwe Gabon 1000 Possible
Mbangwe Gabon 5199 Possible
Ndumu Gabon 4305 Possible
Ngom Gabon 12770 Possible
Sake Gabon 1000 Possible
Sangu Gabon 20911 Possible
Sighu Gabon 1000 Possible
Simba Gabon 3000 Possible
Sira Gabon 39449 Possible
Tchitchege Gabon 2000 Possible
Wandji Gabon 10493 Possible
Wumbvu Gabon 18328 Possible
Yangho Gabon 5000 Possible
Wolof, Gambian Gambia 165000 Definite
Bats Georgia 3420 Possible
Mingrelian Georgia 500000 Definite
Svan Georgia 15000 Definite
Urum Georgia 192729 Possible
Frisian, Eastern Germany 11000 Possible
Frisian, Northern Germany 10000 Possible
Yeniche Germany Uncertain Possible
Abron Ghana 1181700 Probable
Adamorobe SignLanguage Ghana 340 Definite
Animere Ghana 700 Possible
Awutu Ghana 180000 Possible
Chakali Ghana 6000 Possible
Chala Ghana 3000 Possible
Cherepon Ghana 111000 Possible
Dwang Ghana 8200 Definite
Ghanaian SignLanguage Ghana Uncertain Possible
Gua Ghana 60200 Definite
Jwira-Pepesa Ghana 18000 Definite
Kamara Ghana 3000 Possible
Kantosi Ghana 2300 Possible
Kplang Ghana 7700 Possible
Larteh Ghana 74000 Possible
Ligbi Ghana 19000 Possible
Nchumbulu Ghana 1800 Possible
Wasa Ghana 309000 Possible
Greek SignLanguage Greece 42600 Definite
Pontic Greece 325000 Definite
Romanian, Macedo Greece 260000 Possible
Romanian, Megleno Greece 5000 Possible
Romano-Greek Greece 30 Possible
Tsakonian Greece 1200 Possible
Grenadian Creole English Grenada 89227 Possible
Guatemalan SignLanguage Guatemala Uncertain Possible
Baga Binari Guinea 3000 Probable
Baga Manduri Guinea 4000 Probable
Guinean SignLanguage Guinea Uncertain Possible
Kono Guinea 90000 Definite
Lele Guinea 23000 Definite
Limba, East Guinea 4000 Definite
Maninka, Konyanka Guinea 128400 Definite
Maninka, Sankaran Guinea Uncertain Definite
Bainouk-Gunyuno Guinea-Bissau 8170 Probable
Patamona Guyana 4700 Definite
Honduras SignLanguage Honduras Uncertain Possible
Icelandic SignLanguage Iceland Uncertain Possible
Aariya India Uncertain Possible
Agariya India 55757 Possible
Ahirani India 779000 Possible
Aiton India Uncertain Possible
Allar India 350 Possible
Andh India 80000 Possible
Aranadan India 236 Possible
Asuri India 5820 Possible
Atong India Uncertain Possible
Bagri India 2099100 Possible
Bareli, Palya India 10000 Definite
Bauria India 247872 Possible
Bazigar India 100 Possible
Bellari India 1352 Possible
Bhadrawahi India 69000 Possible
Bhalay India 8672 Possible
Bharia India 196512 Possible
Bhatola India Uncertain Possible
Bhilali India 500000 Possible
Bhunjia India 18601 Possible
Bijori India 2390 Possible
Birhor India 10000 Possible
Brokskat India 3000 Probable
Bugun India 1046 Definite
Byangsi India 4563 Possible
Chamari India 5325 Possible
Changthang India Uncertain Possible
Chaudangsi India 3022 Possible
Chaura India Uncertain Possible
Chenchu India 28754 Possible
Chinali India 500 Possible
Darmiya India 3224 Possible
Degaru India Uncertain Possible
Dhanki India 138000 Possible
Dhanwar India 104195 Possible
Dhodia India 139000 Possible
Dhundari India 9000000 Possible
Dubli India 202000 Possible
Gahri India 4000 Definite
Gata India 3055 Definite
Gowlan India 20179 Probable
Hinduri India 138 Possible
Holiya India 8000 Possible
Idu-Mishmi India 11041 Definite
Jangshung India 1990 Possible
Jarawa India 200 Possible
Juray India 801096 Possible
Kadar India 2265 Possible
Kaikadi India 11846 Possible
Kamar India 23456 Possible
Kanashi India 1400 Possible
Kanikkaran India 25000 Possible
Kanjari India 55400 Possible
Khamba India 1333 Possible
Khandesi India 1579000 Possible
Kharia Thar India Uncertain Possible
Khirwar India 34250 Possible
Kinnauri India 48778 Probable
Kinnauri, Bhoti India 6000 Possible
Kinnauri, Chitkuli India 1060 Possible
Koch India 35000 Possible
Koda India 300 Possible
Koireng India 3000 Definite
Kolami, Southeastern India 10000 Definite
Koli, Wadiyara India 578575 Possible
Koraga, Korra India 16665 Possible
Koraga, Mudu India 16665 Possible
Koraku India Uncertain Possible
Korlai Creole Portuguese India 750 Possible
Kudiya India 2462 Possible
Kumarbhag Paharia India 20179 Definite
Kurichiya India 29375 Possible
Kurmukar India 3000 Possible
Kurumba, Mullu India 26000 Possible
Lodhi India 75000 Possible
Lohar, Gade India 1009 Possible
Lohar, Lahul India 750 Probable
Mahali India 66000 Possible
Majhwar India 27960 Possible
Mala Malasar India Uncertain Possible
Malankuravan India 7339 Possible
Malapandaram India 3147 Possible
Malaryan India 16068 Possible
Malavedan India 15241 Possible
Manda India 4036 Possible
Manna-Dora India 18964 Possible
Mannan India 7289 Possible
Merwari India Uncertain Possible
Mewati India 5000000 Possible
Miju-Mishmi India 6500 Possible
Mina India 900000 Possible
Moinba India 82000 Definite
Mukha-Dora India 17456 Possible
Muria, Eastern India 10089 Definite
Muria, Far Western India 10089 Definite
Na India 1500 Possible
Naga Pidgin India 30000 Probable
Naga, Kharam India 1400 Definite
Naga, Khezha India 23000 Possible
Naga, Puimei India 3000 Definite
Naga, Purum India 503 Definite
Naga, Tutsa India 25000 Probable
Nagarchal India 7100 Possible
Nahali India 15000 Possible
Nahari India 108 Possible
Nefamese India Uncertain Possible
Nicobarese, Central India 2200 Possible
Nicobarese, Southern India 5045 Possible
Nihali India 2000 Probable
Noiri India 100000 Definite
Onge India 96 Possible
Paliyan India 8615 Possible
Panchpargania India 274000 Possible
Pangwali India 17000 Definite
Panjabi, Mirpur India 1042000 Possible
Pao India 7223 Possible
Pardhan India 116919 Possible
Pardhi India 18000 Possible
Phake India 4000 Possible
Phudagi India Uncertain Possible
Rathawi India 308640 Probable
Reli India 19000 Possible
Sajalong India 4000 Definite
Samvedi India Uncertain Possible
Savara India Uncertain Possible
Sentinel India 101 Possible
Shekhawati India 3000000 Possible
Sherdukpen India 3100 Possible
Sholaga India 24000 Possible
Shom Peng India 223 Possible
Shumcho India 2174 Possible
Singpho India 3000 Probable
Sirmauri India 400000 Definite
Sulung India 5443 Possible
Sunam India 558 Possible
Surajpuri India 3000000 Possible
Teressa India Uncertain Possible
Tinani India 2000 Definite
Toda India 1006 Possible
Toto India 20000 Possible
Tukpa India 723 Possible
Turi India 6054 Possible
Ullatan India 14846 Possible
Urali India 5843 Possible
Vaagri Booli India 10000 Possible
Varhadi-Nagpuri India 463 Possible
Vishavan India 150 Possible
Waddar India 1930000 Possible
Yerukula India 300000 Probable
Zakhring India 300 Possible
Zangskari India 12006 Possible
Abinomn Indonesia 300 Possible
Abung Indonesia 700000 Possible
Adonara Indonesia Uncertain Definite
Aghu Indonesia 3000 Possible
Airoran Indonesia 1000 Definite
Alor Indonesia 25000 Probable
Ambelau Indonesia 5700 Definite
Ampanang Indonesia 30000 Possible
Anakalangu Indonesia 14000 Probable
Anasi Indonesia 2000 Possible
Andio Indonesia 1700 Definite
Ansus Indonesia 4600 Definite
Anus Indonesia 70 Possible
Aoheng Indonesia 2630 Possible
Aputai Indonesia 150 Possible
Arandai Indonesia 1000 Possible
Arguni Indonesia 150 Possible
As Indonesia 230 Possible
Asilulu Indonesia 8750 Definite
Asmat, North Indonesia 1000 Possible
Awbono Indonesia 100 Possible
Awera Indonesia 70 Probable
Awyi Indonesia 350 Possible
Awyu, Edera Indonesia 3870 Possible
Awyu, Jair Indonesia 2300 Possible
Awyu, North Indonesia 1500 Possible
Awyu, South Indonesia 9340 Possible
Babar, North Indonesia 1500 Definite
Babar, Southeast Indonesia 3325 Possible
Badui Indonesia 5000 Possible
Bagusa Indonesia 300 Probable
Baham Indonesia 1100 Possible
Bahau Indonesia 3200 Possible
Bahonsuai Indonesia 200 Possible
Bajau, Indonesian Indonesia 90000 Definite
Bakumpai Indonesia 100000 Possible
Balaesang Indonesia 3200 Possible
Bali SignLanguage Indonesia 2200 Possible
Banda Indonesia 3000 Definite
Bantik Indonesia 11000 Possible
Barakai Indonesia 4300 Definite
Baras Indonesia 250 Possible
Basap Indonesia 17000 Possible
Batak Alas-Kluet Indonesia 80000 Possible
Batak Mandailing Indonesia 400000 Possible
Bati Indonesia 3500 Possible
Bayono Indonesia 100 Possible
Bedoanas Indonesia 180 Possible
Benggoi Indonesia 350 Possible
Bengkulu Indonesia 55000 Possible
Bentong Indonesia 25000 Possible
Benyadu Indonesia 45000 Possible
Betaf Indonesia 500 Possible
Biga Indonesia 300 Possible
Bintauna Indonesia 6000 Possible
Biritai Indonesia 250 Definite
Boano Indonesia 3240 Definite
Boano Indonesia 2700 Possible
Bobongko Indonesia 1100 Definite
Bolango Indonesia 20000 Possible
Bolongan Indonesia 15000 Possible
Bonerate Indonesia 9500 Definite
Bonggo Indonesia 600 Possible
Budong-Budong Indonesia 70 Possible
Bukat Indonesia 400 Possible
Bukitan Indonesia 862 Possible
Buli Indonesia 2524 Definite
Buol Indonesia 75000 Probable
Burate Indonesia 100 Definite
Burmeso Indonesia 250 Possible
Burumakok Indonesia 40 Definite
Burusu Indonesia 6000 Possible
Buruwai Indonesia 1000 Probable
Busami Indonesia 700 Possible
Busoa Indonesia 500 Possible
Campalagian Indonesia 30000 Definite
Cia-Cia Indonesia 15000 Definite
Dabe Indonesia 200 Possible
Dai Indonesia 808 Definite
Dakka Indonesia 1500 Possible
Damar, East Indonesia 2800 Definite
Damar, West Indonesia 800 Definite
Dampelas Indonesia 10300 Possible
Dao Indonesia 250 Possible
Dawera-Daweloor Indonesia 1500 Definite
Dayak, Land Indonesia 57619 Possible
Dem Indonesia 1000 Definite
Demisa Indonesia 400 Definite
Demta Indonesia 1300 Possible
Djongkang Indonesia 45000 Possible
Dondo Indonesia 13000 Possible
Dubu Indonesia 110 Possible
Dusun Deyah Indonesia 20000 Possible
Dusun Malang Indonesia 4500 Possible
Dusun Witu Indonesia 5000 Possible
Elpaputih Indonesia Uncertain Possible
Emplawas Indonesia 250 Possible
Emumu Indonesia 1100 Possible
Ende Indonesia 87000 Probable
Enggano Indonesia 700 Possible
Enim Indonesia 70000 Possible
Enrekang Indonesia 50000 Possible
Eritai Indonesia 530 Definite
Erokwanas Indonesia 200 Possible
Foau Indonesia 232 Possible
Gamkonora Indonesia 1500 Probable
Gane Indonesia 2900 Probable
Gayo Indonesia 180000 Definite
Gebe Indonesia 2651 Probable
Gorap Indonesia 1000 Possible
Gresi Indonesia 2500 Possible
Hamap Indonesia 1294 Probable
Haruku Indonesia 18200 Probable
Hitu Indonesia 16000 Definite
Horuru Indonesia Uncertain Possible
Iha Indonesia 5500 Definite
Ile Ape Indonesia Uncertain Probable
Iliuun Indonesia 1400 Possible
Imroing Indonesia 450 Possible
Indonesian SignLanguage Indonesia 2000000 Possible
Indonesian, Peranakan Indonesia 7000 Possible
Iresim Indonesia 70 Possible
Itik Indonesia 80 Possible
Iwur Indonesia 1000 Possible
Kaburi Indonesia 600 Possible
Kadai Indonesia 350 Possible
Kafoa Indonesia 1000 Probable
Kahayan Indonesia 45000 Possible
Kaibobo Indonesia 500 Possible
Kaidipang Indonesia 22000 Possible
Kaili, Unde Indonesia 20000 Definite
Kaimbulawa Indonesia 1500 Possible
Kais Indonesia 700 Possible
Kaiy Indonesia 220 Possible
Kalabra Indonesia 3287 Definite
Kalao Indonesia 500 Possible
Kamang Indonesia 16522 Definite
Kamaru Indonesia 2000 Possible
Kamberau Indonesia 1570 Possible
Kamoro Indonesia 8000 Possible
Kanum, Ngkalmpw Indonesia 150 Definite
Kanum, Smarky Indonesia 80 Definite
Kanum, Sota Indonesia 100 Definite
Kao Indonesia 403 Possible
Kapori Indonesia 30 Definite
Karas Indonesia 238 Possible
Karon Dori Indonesia 5000 Possible
Katingan Indonesia 45000 Possible
Kaur Indonesia 20000 Possible
Kauwera Indonesia 400 Definite
Kawe Indonesia 600 Definite
Kayagar Indonesia 10000 Definite
Kayan Mahakam Indonesia 1300 Possible
Kayan, Busang Indonesia 3000 Possible
Kayan, Kayan River Indonesia 2000 Possible
Kayan, Mendalam Indonesia 1500 Possible
Kayan, Wahau Indonesia 500 Possible
Kayu Agung Indonesia 45000 Possible
Kedang Indonesia 30000 Definite
Keder Indonesia 200 Possible
Kehu Indonesia 25 Definite
Kelon Indonesia 6000 Probable
Kembayan Indonesia 45000 Possible
Kemberano Indonesia 1500 Probable
Kendayan Indonesia 150000 Possible
Kenyah, Bahau River Indonesia 1500 Possible
Kenyah, Bakung Indonesia 2000 Possible
Kenyah, Kelinyau Indonesia 1200 Possible
Kenyah, Mahakam Indonesia 7000 Possible
Kenyah, Wahau Indonesia 1000 Possible
Keo Indonesia 40000 Probable
Kepo Indonesia 10605 Probable
Kereho Indonesia 500 Possible
Kerinci Indonesia 325000 Possible
Ketum Indonesia 100 Possible
Kimaama Indonesia 3000 Possible
Kioko Indonesia 1000 Possible
Kodeoha Indonesia 1500 Probable
Kofei Indonesia 100 Definite
Kohin Indonesia 8000 Possible
Kokoda Indonesia 3700 Possible
Komodo Indonesia Uncertain Possible
Kompane Indonesia 330 Possible
Komyandaret Indonesia 300 Possible
Konda Indonesia 500 Possible
Koneraw Indonesia 200 Possible
Konjo, Highland Indonesia 150000 Definite
Koroni Indonesia 500 Probable
Korowai Indonesia 700 Possible
Korowai, North Indonesia 100 Definite
Kosadle Indonesia 250 Possible
Krui Indonesia 31687 Possible
Kubu Indonesia 10000 Possible
Kui Indonesia 4242 Probable
Kulisusu Indonesia 22000 Possible
Kumbewaha Indonesia 250 Possible
Kur Indonesia 3181 Definite
Kuri Indonesia 500 Possible
Kurudu Indonesia 2180 Probable
Kwer Indonesia 100 Definite
Kwerba Mamberamo Indonesia 300 Possible
Kwesten Indonesia 2000 Possible
Laba Indonesia 2000 Possible
Laha Indonesia 3900 Definite
Laiyolo Indonesia 800 Definite
Lamaholot Indonesia 150000 Definite
Lamalera Indonesia 160 Definite
Lamatuka Indonesia 200 Definite
Lamboya Indonesia 25000 Probable
Lamma Indonesia 10000 Definite
Lasalimu Indonesia 2000 Possible
Latu Indonesia 2135 Possible
Laura Indonesia 10000 Definite
Legenyem Indonesia 250 Possible
Lematang Indonesia 150000 Possible
Lembak Indonesia 50000 Possible
Lembata, South Indonesia Uncertain Probable
Lembata, West Indonesia Uncertain Probable
Lemolang Indonesia 2000 Definite
Leti Indonesia 7500 Definite
Levuka Indonesia Uncertain Definite
Lewo Eleng Indonesia 200 Probable
Lewotobi Indonesia 289357 Possible
Liabuku Indonesia 75 Possible
Liki Indonesia 100 Possible
Lindu Indonesia 2000 Definite
Lintang Indonesia 70000 Possible
Lio Indonesia 130000 Probable
Lisabata-Nuniali Indonesia 1830 Definite
Lola Indonesia 830 Probable
Lolak Indonesia 5000 Possible
Loloda Indonesia 15000 Probable
Loncong Indonesia Uncertain Possible
Lorang Indonesia 325 Possible
Lubu Indonesia 30000 Possible
Luhu Indonesia 6500 Definite
Maba Indonesia 6617 Probable
Maden Indonesia 600 Possible
Maiwa Indonesia 50000 Possible
Makian, East Indonesia 20000 Definite
Makian, West Indonesia 12000 Definite
Maklew Indonesia 120 Definite
Malay, Bacanese Indonesia 2500 Possible
Malay, Balinese Indonesia 3151162 Possible
Malay, Banda Indonesia 3690 Possible
Malay, Berau Indonesia 20000 Possible
Malay, Bukit Indonesia 50000 Possible
Malay, Jambi Indonesia 890000 Possible
Malay, Kota Bangun Kutai Indonesia 80000 | Possible
Malay, Makassar Indonesia 1876548 Possible
Malay, Tenggarong Kutai Indonesia 210000 Possible
Malimpung Indonesia 5000 Possible
Mamboru Indonesia 16000 Probable
Mandar Indonesia 200000 Definite
Mandobo Atas Indonesia 1000 Probable
Mandobo Bawah Indonesia 2000 Possible
Manggarai Indonesia 500000 Definite
Mangole Indonesia 7275 Probable
Manipa Indonesia 1500 Probable
Manusela Indonesia 7000 Possible
Marau Indonesia 1700 Possible
Maremgi Indonesia 40 Possible
Marind Indonesia 7000 Definite
Marind, Bian Indonesia 2900 Definite
Mariri Indonesia 390 Possible
Masela, Central Indonesia 510 Probable
Masela, East Indonesia 520 Possible
Masela, West Indonesia 850 Possible
Masimasi Indonesia 200 Possible
Masiwang Indonesia 1000 Probable
Massep Indonesia 25 Definite
Matbat Indonesia 1250 Possible
Mawes Indonesia 693 Possible
Maya Indonesia 4000 Possible
Mekwei Indonesia 1200 Possible
Meoswar Indonesia 250 Possible
Mer Indonesia 85 Possible
Mlap Indonesia 300 Definite
Modang Indonesia 15300 Possible
Modole Indonesia 2000 Definite
Molof Indonesia 200 Possible
Mombum Indonesia 250 Possible
Momina Indonesia 200 Definite
Mor Indonesia 700 Possible
Mor Indonesia 20 Possible
Moraid Indonesia 1000 Definite
Mori Bawah Indonesia 16098 Possible
Morori Indonesia 50 Definite
Mualang Indonesia 10000 Possible
Muko-Muko Indonesia 30000 Possible
Munggui Indonesia 800 Possible
Murkim Indonesia Uncertain Possible
Musi Indonesia 403000 Possible
Muyu, South Indonesia 4000 Possible
Nafri Indonesia 1630 Possible
Nage Indonesia 50000 Definite
Nakai Indonesia 700 Definite
Narau Indonesia 80 Possible
Ndom Indonesia 1200 Possible
Nedebang Indonesia 1379 Probable
Ngada Indonesia 60000 Definite
Ngada, Eastern Indonesia 5000 Probable
Nila Indonesia 1800 Probable
Nipsan Indonesia 2500 Definite
Nisa Indonesia 500 Possible
Nuaulu, North Indonesia 500 Definite
Nyadu Indonesia 9000 Possible
Ogan Indonesia 300000 Possible
Oirata Indonesia 1220 Probable
Onin Indonesia 500 Definite
Paku Indonesia 3500 Possible
Palembang Indonesia 500000 Possible
Palue Indonesia 10000 Definite
Panasuan Indonesia 900 Definite
Pancana Indonesia 15000 Definite
Pannei Indonesia 9000 Probable
Papasena Indonesia 400 Definite
Papuma Indonesia 600 Possible
Pasemah Indonesia 400000 Possible
Patani Indonesia 10583 Definite
Pekal Indonesia 30000 Possible
Penesak Indonesia 20000 Possible
Perai Indonesia 280 Possible
Pesisir, Southern Indonesia 400000 Possible
Petjo Indonesia Uncertain Possible
Podena Indonesia 200 Possible
Pom Indonesia 2000 Possible
Ponosakan Indonesia 3000 Possible
Pubian Indonesia 400000 Possible
Punan Aput Indonesia 370 Possible
Punan Merah Indonesia 137 Possible
Punan Merap Indonesia 200 Possible
Punan Tubu Indonesia 2000 Possible
Puragi Indonesia 700 Possible
Putoh Indonesia 6000 Possible
Rahambuu Indonesia 5000 Possible
Rajong Indonesia 4242 Probable
Ranau Indonesia 60000 Possible
Rasawa Indonesia 200 Possible
Rawas Indonesia 150000 Possible
Rembong Indonesia Uncertain Possible
Retta Indonesia Uncertain Probable
Riantana Indonesia 1100 Possible
Ribun Indonesia 45000 Possible
Riung Indonesia 14000 Probable
Rongga Indonesia 2121 Probable
Roon Indonesia 1100 Possible
Sajau Basap Indonesia 6000 Possible
Salas Indonesia 50 Possible
Saleman Indonesia 4800 Definite
Samarokena Indonesia 400 Definite
Sanggau Indonesia 45000 Possible
Saparua Indonesia 10200 Definite
Sarudu Indonesia 4000 Definite
Sauri Indonesia 100 Definite
Sause Indonesia 250 Definite
Saweru Indonesia 300 Possible
Segai Indonesia 2000 Possible
Seget Indonesia 1200 Possible
Seit-Kaitetu Indonesia 10200 Possible
Sekar Indonesia 450 Possible
Seko Tengah Indonesia 2500 Definite
Selayar Indonesia 90000 Definite
Selungai Murut Indonesia 1009 Definite
Seluwasan Indonesia 2840 Definite
Semendo Indonesia 105000 Possible
Semimi Indonesia 1000 Possible
Sempan Indonesia 1000 Possible
Senggi Indonesia 100 Possible
Sepa Indonesia 2600 Possible
Serili Indonesia 330 Possible
Serua Indonesia 2000 Possible
Serui-Laut Indonesia 1200 Possible
Sika Indonesia 175000 Definite
Sikule Indonesia 20000 Possible
Simeulue Indonesia 100000 Possible
Sindang Kelingi Indonesia 50000 Possible
Skou Indonesia 700 Definite
Soa Indonesia 10000 Probable
Suabo Indonesia 1100 Possible
Sula Indonesia 20000 Definite
Sumbawa Indonesia 300000 Definite
Sungkai Indonesia Uncertain Possible
Suwawa Indonesia 10000 Possible
Taikat Indonesia 500 Definite
Taje Indonesia 350 Possible
Tajio Indonesia 12000 Possible
Taloki Indonesia 500 Possible
Talondo Indonesia 500 Possible
Talur Indonesia 675 Possible
Tamagario Indonesia 3500 Possible
Tanahmerah Indonesia 500 Possible
Tarangan, East Indonesia 3785 Probable
Tarpia Indonesia 300 Possible
Tause Indonesia 300 Probable
Taworta Indonesia 140 Possible
Tefaro Indonesia 100 Possible
Tela-Masbuar Indonesia 1050 Possible
Teluti Indonesia 17000 Definite
Teor Indonesia 1100 Possible
Tereweng Indonesia 800 Possible
Ternate Indonesia 42000 Definite
Teun Indonesia 1200 Probable
Tewa Indonesia 5000 Probable
Tidong Indonesia 24882 Definite
Toala Indonesia 30000 Probable
Tobati Indonesia 350 Possible
Tofanma Indonesia 100 Possible
Tomadino Indonesia 600 Possible
Tombelala Indonesia 1100 Possible
Tomini Indonesia 30000 Possible
Tonsawang Indonesia 20000 Possible
Topoiyo Indonesia 2000 Probable
Totoli Indonesia 25000 Possible
Towei Indonesia 115 Possible
Trimuris Indonesia 300 Definite
Tsakwambo Indonesia 500 Definite
Tukang Besi North Indonesia 120000 Possible
Tukang Besi South Indonesia 130000 Definite
Tulehu Indonesia 18840 Probable
Tunggare Indonesia 500 Possible
Tunjung Indonesia 50000 Definite
Ujir Indonesia 975 Definite
Ulumanda Indonesia 30000 Definite
Uruangnirin Indonesia 400 Possible
Usku Indonesia 20 Possible
Wabo Indonesia 1500 Possible
Wae Rana Indonesia 4242 Probable
Waigeo Indonesia 300 Definite
Waioli Indonesia 3000 Possible
Wakde Indonesia 400 Possible
Wanggom Indonesia 875 Possible
Wanukaka Indonesia 10000 Probable
Warembori Indonesia 600 Definite
Wares Indonesia 200 Possible
Waritai Indonesia 150 Definite
Warkay-Bipim Indonesia 300 Possible
Waru Indonesia 350 Possible
Watubela Indonesia 4000 Probable
Wauyai Indonesia 300 Possible
Wawonii Indonesia 22000 Possible
Wersing Indonesia 3700 Definite
Woi Indonesia 1300 Possible
Wolio Indonesia 34529 Definite
Wotu Indonesia 5000 Definite
Yafi Indonesia 175 Possible
Yahadian Indonesia 500 Possible
Yamna Indonesia 250 Possible
Yaqay Indonesia 10000 Definite
Yarsun Indonesia 200 Possible
Yaur Indonesia 350 Possible
Yei Indonesia 900 Possible
Yelmek Indonesia 400 Possible
Yeretuar Indonesia 350 Possible
Yoke Indonesia 200 Definite
Alviri-Vidari Iran Uncertain Possible
Ashtiani Iran Uncertain Possible
Bashkardi Iran Uncertain Possible
Dari, Zoroastrian Iran 8000 Possible
Dezfuli Iran Uncertain Possible
Eshtehârdi Iran Uncertain Possible
Fars, Northwestern Iran Uncertain Possible
Fars, Southwestern Iran Uncertain Possible
Gazi Iran Uncertain Possible
Gozarkhâni Iran Uncertain Possible
Harzani Iran Uncertain Possible
Kabatei Iran Uncertain Possible
Kajali Iran Uncertain Possible
Karingani Iran Uncertain Possible
Khalaj Iran Uncertain Possible
Khâlâj, Turkic Iran 42107 Possible
Kho'ini Iran Uncertain Possible
Khorâsâni Turkish Iran 400000 Possible
Khunsari Iran Uncertain Possible
Koresh-E Rostam Iran Uncertain Possible
Kurdish, Southern Iran 5800000 Possible
Laki Iran 1000000 Possible
Lari Iran 100000 Possible
Lasgerdi Iran Uncertain Possible
Luri, Southern Iran 875000 Possible
Maraghei Iran Uncertain Possible
Natanzi Iran Uncertain Possible
Náyini Iran Uncertain Possible
Parsi-Dari Iran 350000 Possible
Persian SignLanguage Iran Uncertain Possible
Razajerdi Iran Uncertain Possible
Rudbâri Iran Uncertain Possible
Salchuq Iran Uncertain Possible
Sangisari Iran Uncertain Possible
Semnâni Iran Uncertain Possible
Senaya Iran 500 Possible
Shâhmirzadi Iran Uncertain Possible
Shâhrudi Iran Uncertain Possible
Sivandi Iran 7033 Possible
Soi Iran 7033 Possible
Sorkhei Iran Uncertain Possible
Takestani Iran 220000 Possible
Taromi, Upper Iran Uncertain Possible
Vafsi Iran 18000 Possible
Arabic, North Mesopotamian Spoken Iraq 6300000 | Possible
Bajelani Iraq 20000 Possible
Gurani Iraq 44047 Possible
Koy Sanjaq Surat Iraq 800 Possible
Mandaic Iraq 5500 Possible
Sarli Iraq Uncertain Possible
Shabak Iraq 10000 Possible
Irish SignLanguage Ireland Uncertain Definite
Shelta Ireland 86000 Probable
Arabic, Judeo-Yemeni Israel 51000 Possible
Bukharic Israel 60000 Possible
Dzhidi Israel 60000 Possible
Hulaula Israel 10000 Possible
Israeli SignLanguage Israel 5000 Definite
Judeo-Georgian Israel 79800 Possible
Lishana Deni Israel 7000 Possible
Lishanid Noshan Israel 2000 Possible
Yiddish SignLanguage Israel Uncertain Possible
Albanian, Arbereshe Italy 80000 Possible
Cimbrian Italy 2230 Possible
Italian SignLanguage Italy Uncertain Definite
Ladin Italy 30000 Possible
Ligurian Italy 1920849 Possible
Lombard Italy 9133855 Possible
Mocheno Italy 1900 Possible
Sardinian, Campidanese Italy 345180 Probable
Sardinian, Gallurese Italy Uncertain Possible
Sardinian, Logudorese Italy 1500000 Probable
Sardinian, Sassarese Italy Uncertain Possible
Sicilian Italy 4832520 Possible
Venetian Italy 2280387 Possible
Jamaican Country SignLanguage Jamaica Uncertain Probable
Arabic, South Levantine Spoken Jordan 6155000 | Possible
Jordanian SignLanguage Jordan Uncertain Possible
Cutchi-Swahili Kenya Uncertain Possible
Kenyan SignLanguage Kenya 200000 Definite
Nyala, East Kenya 35000 Possible
Pokomo, Upper Kenya 34000 Possible
Sanye Kenya 5000 Possible
Talai Kenya 38091 Possible
Korean SignLanguage Korea, South Uncertain Definite
Alak Laos 4000 Definite
Bit Laos 2000 Possible
Bo Laos 2000 Possible
Con Laos 1100 Possible
Hung Laos 2700 Possible
Ir Laos 5000 Probable
Jeng Laos 2000 Possible
Kaduo Laos 10292 Possible
Kang Laos 34065 Possible
Kasseng Laos 1100 Probable
Kataang Laos 10000 Probable
Katu, Western Laos 14700 Definite
Khlor Laos 6000 Possible
Kiorr Laos 2359 Possible
Kuan Laos Uncertain Possible
Laos SignLanguage Laos Uncertain Possible
Laven Laos 32000 Definite
Maleng Laos 1000 Possible
Nyaheun Laos 4000 Definite
Ong Laos 5000 Possible
Oy Laos 10600 Probable
Phana Laos 5000 Possible
Phong-Kniang Laos 1000 Possible
Pu Ko Laos Uncertain Possible
Rien Laos 5279 Possible
Saek Laos 25000 Definite
Sapuan Laos 2400 Possible
Sila Laos 2612 Definite
Sok Laos 1600 Possible
Sou Laos 1000 Possible
Tai Long Laos 4800 Possible
Tai Mene Laos Uncertain Possible
Tai Pao Laos Uncertain Possible
Talieng Laos Uncertain Possible
Tareng Laos 5000 Possible
Tay Khang Laos 24 Possible
The Laos 2920 Possible
Latvian SignLanguage Latvia Uncertain Possible
Dewoin Liberia 8100 Possible
Gbii Liberia 5600 Definite
Glio-Oubi Liberia 6000 Definite
Grebo, Barclayville Liberia 23700 Definite
Grebo, Central Liberia 29131 Definite
Grebo, Southern Liberia 28700 Definite
Liberian English Liberia Uncertain Possible
Manya Liberia 70400 Definite
Arabic, Libyan Spoken Libya 4505000 Possible
Awjilah Libya 3000 Possible
Ghadames Libya 4000 Possible
Libyan SignLanguage Libya Uncertain Possible
Sawknah Libya Uncertain Possible
Lithuanian SignLanguage Lithuania Uncertain Possible
Madagascar SignLanguage Madagascar Uncertain Definite
Malagasy, Antankarana Madagascar 88000 Probable
Malagasy, Northern Betsimisaraka Madagascar 900000 Possible
Malagasy, Southern Betsimisaraka Madagascar 600000 Possible
Malagasy, Tanosy Madagascar 350000 Probable
Malagasy, Tsimihety Madagascar 1016000 Probable
Kokola Malawi 75000 Possible
Lomwe, Malawi Malawi 1550000 Possible
Abai Sungai Malaysia 400 Possible
Bajau, West Coast Malaysia 50000 Definite
Balau Malaysia 5000 Possible
Batek Malaysia 600 Possible
Berawan Malaysia 870 Possible
Bintulu Malaysia 4200 Probable
Bisaya, Sabah Malaysia 15822 Possible
Bisaya, Sarawak Malaysia 7000 Definite
Chewong Malaysia 200 Possible
Daro-Matu Malaysia 7600 Possible
Duano Malaysia 1920 Possible
Dusun, Tambunan Malaysia 15553 Possible
Dusun, Tempasuk Malaysia 6000 Possible
Jah Hut Malaysia 2442 Possible
Jakun Malaysia 9800 Possible
Jehai Malaysia 1250 Possible
Kadazan, Klias River Malaysia 1000 Possible
Kajaman Malaysia 500 Probable
Kalabakan Malaysia 2229 Definite
Kanowit Malaysia 100 Possible
Kayan, Murik Malaysia 1120 Probable
Kayan, Rejang Malaysia 3030 Possible
Kelabit Malaysia 1747 Definite
Keningau Murut Malaysia 7001 Possible
Kenyah, Sebob Malaysia 1730 Definite
Kenyah, Tutoh Malaysia 600 Definite
Kenyah, Upper Baram Malaysia 2858 Possible
Kenyah, Western Malaysia 1250 Possible
Kintaq Malaysia 220 Possible
Kiput Malaysia 2460 Possible
Kota Marudu Tinagas Malaysia 1250 Possible
Lahanan Malaysia 350 Probable
Lanoh Malaysia 220 Possible
Lelak Malaysia 220 Possible
Lobu, Lanas Malaysia 2800 Possible
Malaccan Creole Malay Malaysia Uncertain Possible
Malaccan Creole Portuguese Malaysia 5000 Definite
Malay, Cocos Islands Malaysia 6443 Probable
Malay, Sabah Malaysia Uncertain Possible
Malaysian SignLanguage Malaysia Uncertain Definite
Melanau Malaysia 30099 Definite
Minokok Malaysia 2000 Possible
Minriq Malaysia 125 Possible
Mintil Malaysia 40 Possible
Narom Malaysia 2420 Possible
Negeri Sembilan Malay Malaysia 300000 Possible
Orang Kanaq Malaysia 34 Possible
Orang Seletar Malaysia 1737 Possible
Papar Malaysia 1000 Possible
Penan, Eastern Malaysia 2100 Possible
Penang SignLanguage Malaysia Uncertain Possible
Punan Bah-Biau Malaysia 450 Possible
Remun Malaysia 4000 Possible
Saban Malaysia 1959 Possible
Sabum Malaysia 889 Possible
Sebuyau Malaysia 9000 Possible
Sekapan Malaysia 750 Probable
Selangor SignLanguage Malaysia Uncertain Possible
Semaq Beri Malaysia 2050 Possible
Sembakung Murut Malaysia 9847 Definite
Semelai Malaysia 2900 Possible
Semnam Malaysia 667 Possible
Sibu Malaysia 420 Possible
Tanjong Malaysia 100 Possible
Temiar Malaysia 11590 Possible
Temoq Malaysia 350 Possible
Temuan Malaysia 9315 Possible
Tring Malaysia 551 Possible
Tringgus Malaysia 350 Possible
Ukit Malaysia 120 Probable
Bozo, Tiema Ciewe Mali 2500 Possible
Dogon, Bangeri Me Mali 1200 Possible
Dogon, Bondum Dom Mali 24700 Probable
Dogon, Dogul Dom Mali 15700 Possible
Dogon, Jamsay Mali 130000 Probable
Dogon, Kolum So Mali 24000 Possible
Dogon, Tene Kan Mali 127000 Probable
Dogon, Toro Tegu Mali 2900 Possible
Kagoro Mali 15000 Possible
Maninkakan, Kita Mali 600000 Definite
Senoufo, Syenara Mali 136500 Possible
Maltese SignLanguage Malta Uncertain Possible
Imeraguen Mauritania 534 Possible
Zenaga Mauritania 200 Possible
Bushi Mayotte 39000 Definite
Chichimeca-Jonaz Mexico 200 Possible
Chinantec, Chiltepec Mexico 1000 Possible
Huave, Santa Maria Del Mar Mexico | 500 | Possible
Mazatec, Mazatlan Mexico 13000 Definite
Mixtec, Cacaloxtepec Mexico 848 Definite
Mixtec, Chigmecatitlan Mexico 1600 Definite
Mixtec, Cuyamecalco Mexico 2600 Definite
Mixtec, Huitepec Mexico 4000 Definite
Mixtec, Juxtlahuaca Mexico 16000 Definite
Mixtec, Northwest Oaxaca Mexico 2500 Definite
Mixtec, Sinicahua Mexico 1300 Definite
Mixtec, Tacahua Mexico 585 Definite
Mixtec, Tamazola Mexico 2500 Definite
Mixtec, Tidaa Mexico 550 Possible
Mixtec, Tijaltepec Mexico 3559 Definite
Mixtec, Tlazoyaltepec Mexico Uncertain Definite
Mixtec, Tututepec Mexico 817 Definite
Mixtec, Yucuane Mexico 515 Definite
Mixtec, Yutanduchi Mexico 1800 Definite
Nahuatl, Central Puebla Mexico 16000 Definite
Nahuatl, Coatepec Mexico 1400 Possible
Náhuatl, Huaxcaleca Mexico 7000 Definite
Nahuatl, Sierra Negra Mexico 25000 Definite
Otomi, Texcatepec Mexico 12000 Definite
Tlapanec, Azoyu Mexico 682 Possible
Tzotzil, Venustiano Carranza Mexico 4226 Definite
Yucatec Maya SignLanguage Mexico 17 Possible
Zapotec, Ayoquesco Mexico 876 Definite
Zapotec, El Alto Mexico 900 Definite
Zapotec, Petapa Mexico 8000 Definite
Zapotec, Quiavicuzas Mexico 4000 Definite
Zapotec, Santa Catarina Albarradas Mexico 1000 | Definite
Zapotec, Santiago Lapaguia Mexico 4200 Possible
Zapotec, Southeastern Ixtlan Mexico 6000 Definite
Mokilese Micronesia 1050 Probable
Namonuito Micronesia 944 Definite
Pingelapese Micronesia 3000 Probable
Puluwatese Micronesia 1364 Definite
Satawalese Micronesia 458 Definite
Woleaian Micronesia 1631 Definite
Mongolian SignLanguage Mongolia 10000 Possible
Moroccan SignLanguage Morocco Uncertain Possible
Tachelhit Morocco 3500000 Possible
Makhuwa-Moniga Mozambique 200000 Probable
Makhuwa-Saka Mozambique 200000 Possible
Makwe Mozambique 28000 Possible
Manyawa Mozambique 150000 Possible
Mozambican SignLanguage Mozambique Uncertain Possible
Nathembo Mozambique 18000 Possible
Phimbi Mozambique 6000 Possible
Tawara Mozambique 50000 Probable
Anu Myanmar 700 Possible
Arakanese Myanmar 2084000 Definite
Chak Myanmar 25500 Definite
Chaungtha Myanmar 121700 Possible
Chin, Chinbon Myanmar 19600 Probable
Chin, Khumi Awa Myanmar 40900 Possible
Chin, Senthang Myanmar 18200 Possible
Chin, Tawr Myanmar 700 Possible
Danau Myanmar 10000 Possible
Hpon Myanmar 300 Possible
Intha Myanmar 90000 Possible
Kado Myanmar 128500 Possible
Karen, Brek Myanmar 16600 Probable
Karen, Bwe Myanmar 15700 Definite
Karen, Geba Myanmar 10000 Possible
Karen, Geko Myanmar 9500 Possible
Karen, Lahta Myanmar 9550 Definite
Karen, Manumanaw Myanmar 10000 Possible
Karen, Paku Myanmar 5300 Possible
Karen, Yinbaw Myanmar 7300 Possible
Karen, Yintale Myanmar 10000 Possible
Karen, Zayein Myanmar 9300 Possible
Kayah, Eastern Myanmar 360220 Definite
Khamti Myanmar 13114 Definite
Khun Myanmar 120855 Possible
Lama Myanmar 3000 Possible
Laopang Myanmar 9550 Possible
Lopi Myanmar 4775 Possible
Lui Myanmar 24 Possible
Mahei Myanmar 12000 Possible
Norra Myanmar 6207 Possible
Palaung, Rumai Myanmar 139000 Definite
Palaung, Shwe Myanmar 150000 Definite
Palu Myanmar 4775 Possible
Purum Myanmar 300 Possible
Pyen Myanmar 800 Possible
Ralte Myanmar 25104 Possible
Riang Myanmar 51819 Definite
Samtao Myanmar 9650 Possible
Sansu Myanmar 4775 Possible
Tai Loi Myanmar 1932 Possible
Taman Myanmar 10000 Probable
Taungyo Myanmar 40000 Probable
Tavoyan Myanmar 400000 Possible
Wa Myanmar 838000 Definite
Welaung Myanmar 9550 Possible
Wewaw Myanmar 23874 Possible
Yangbye Myanmar 810300 Definite
Yinchia Myanmar 4000 Definite
Yos Myanmar 3400 Possible
Fwe Namibia 7400 Possible
Haiom Namibia 16000 Possible
Kuhane Namibia 42000 Possible
Kung-Ekoka Namibia 8500 Definite
Namibian SignLanguage Namibia Uncertain Possible
Vasekela Bushman Namibia Uncertain Definite
Athpariya Nepal 2000 Probable
Bahing Nepal 2765 Possible
Baraamu Nepal 2000 Possible
Belhariya Nepal 500 Possible
Bote-Majhi Nepal 11000 Possible
Bujhyal Nepal 5000 Probable
Camling Nepal 10000 Possible
Chantyal Nepal 2000 Possible
Chhintange Nepal 1500 Possible
Chhulung Nepal 1314 Possible
Dhanwar Nepal 31849 Definite
Dungmali Nepal 4609 Possible
Ghale, Northern Nepal 2500 Probable
Humla Nepal 2393 Possible
Jerung Nepal 2000 Possible
Jumli Nepal 40000 Probable
Kagate Nepal 1273 Probable
Kaike Nepal 794 Possible
Kayort Nepal Uncertain Possible
Koi Nepal 2641 Possible
Kulung Nepal 18686 Definite
Kumhali Nepal 6533 Possible
Kurux, Nepali Nepal 28615 Definite
Kyerung Nepal 4786 Possible
Lambichhong Nepal 500 Possible
Lorung, Northern Nepal 11521 Possible
Lorung, Southern Nepal 5761 Possible
Lowa Nepal 7800 Possible
Lumba-Yakkha Nepal 1197 Possible
Magar, Western Nepal 210000 Possible
Manangba Nepal 3736 Probable
Meohang, Eastern Nepal Uncertain Possible
Meohang, Western Nepal 2000 Possible
Mugom Nepal 5000 Possible
Musasa Nepal 50000 Possible
Naaba Nepal 500 Possible
Nachering Nepal 3553 Possible
Nar Phu Nepal 533 Possible
Nepalese SignLanguage Nepal 5743 Definite
Nubri Nepal 3776 Definite
Puma Nepal 4310 Possible
Raji Nepal 2413 Possible
Raute Nepal 518 Possible
Rawat Nepal 25024 Possible
Seke Nepal 500 Possible
Sonha Nepal 10000 Possible
Tamang, Eastern Gorkha Nepal 3977 Probable
Tamang, Northwestern Nepal 55000 Possible
Tamang, Southwestern Nepal 109051 Possible
Thakali Nepal 6441 Definite
Thangmi Nepal 19791 Definite
Tharu, Chitwania Nepal 80000 Definite
Tharu, Kathoriya Nepal 60000 Definite
Tharu, Kochila Nepal 258211 Possible
Thudam Nepal 1800 Possible
Tichurong Nepal 2417 Possible
Tilung Nepal 310 Possible
Tomyang Nepal 400 Possible
Tsum Nepal 4786 Probable
Walungge Nepal 10000 Possible
Wambule Nepal 5000 Possible
Yakha Nepal 15000 Possible
Yamphe Nepal 1722 Possible
Yamphu Nepal 1722 Possible
Dutch SignLanguage Netherlands 20000 Definite
Arho New Caledonia 50 Possible
Caac New Caledonia 890 Definite
Dumbea New Caledonia 946 Possible
Fwai New Caledonia 1131 Possible
Javanese, New Caledonian New Caledonia 6750 | Possible
Jawe New Caledonia 729 Possible
Kumak New Caledonia 947 Definite
Mea New Caledonia 300 Possible
Nemi New Caledonia 325 Possible
Numee New Caledonia 1814 Possible
Nyalayu New Caledonia 1522 Definite
Pije New Caledonia 161 Possible
Pwaamei New Caledonia 219 Possible
Tayo New Caledonia 2000 Possible
Tiri New Caledonia 264 Possible
Uvean, West New Caledonia 1107 Possible
Xaracuu New Caledonia 3784 Probable
Xaragure New Caledonia 566 Possible
Yuaga New Caledonia 1992 Definite
New Zealand SignLanguage New Zealand Uncertain | Definite
Nicaragua Creole English Nicaragua 30000 Possible
Nicaraguan SignLanguage Nicaragua 3000 Definite
Kanuri, Tumari Niger 40000 Definite
Tasawaq Niger 8000 Definite
Abanyom Nigeria 12500 Possible
Abon Nigeria 1000 Possible
Abureni Nigeria Uncertain Possible
Acipa, Eastern Nigeria 5000 Definite
Acipa, Western Nigeria 20000 Possible
Aduge Nigeria 1904 Possible
Agoi Nigeria 12000 Possible
Agwagwune Nigeria 20000 Possible
Ahan Nigeria 300 Possible
Ake Nigeria 2000 Possible
Akpa Nigeria 5500 Possible
Akpes Nigeria 10000 Possible
Akuku Nigeria Uncertain Possible
Alago Nigeria 35052 Definite
Alege Nigeria 1200 Possible
Alumu-Tesu Nigeria 4702 Possible
Ambo Nigeria 1000 Possible
Amo Nigeria 12263 Possible
Anaang Nigeria 1000000 Definite
Anca Nigeria Uncertain Possible
Arigidi Nigeria 48000 Possible
Ashe Nigeria Uncertain Possible
Asu Nigeria 5000 Possible
Atsam Nigeria 30000 Definite
Ayere Nigeria 3000 Possible
Ayu Nigeria 4000 Possible
Baan Nigeria 5000 Possible
Baangi Nigeria 15000 Possible
Bacama Nigeria 150000 Definite
Bada Nigeria 10000 Definite
Bade Nigeria 250000 Definite
Bakpinka Nigeria Uncertain Possible
Bali Nigeria 2000 Possible
Basa-Gurmana Nigeria 2000 Possible
Bata Nigeria 152500 Definite
Batu Nigeria 25000 Possible
Bauchi Nigeria 20000 Possible
Beele Nigeria 120 Possible
Begbere-Ejar Nigeria 35000 Definite
Bena Nigeria 95000 Definite
Bile Nigeria 30000 Possible
Bina Nigeria 7000 Possible
Biseni Nigeria 4800 Possible
Bitare Nigeria 119896 Possible
Boga Nigeria 10000 Possible
Boghom Nigeria 50000 Definite
Bole Nigeria 100000 Possible
Bo-Rukul Nigeria 1000 Possible
Bu Nigeria 6000 Possible
Bukwen Nigeria 1000 Possible
Bumaji Nigeria 11386 Possible
Bure Nigeria 500 Possible
Buru Nigeria 1000 Possible
Cakfem-Mushere Nigeria 5000 Possible
Cara Nigeria 3000 Possible
Che Nigeria 100000 Definite
Cibak Nigeria 100000 Definite
Cinda-Regi-Tiyal Nigeria 30000 Definite
Cineni Nigeria 3000 Possible
Ciwogai Nigeria 2000 Possible
Como Karim Nigeria Uncertain Possible
Cori Nigeria 1000 Possible
Dass Nigeria 8830 Possible
Daza Nigeria Uncertain Possible
Defaka Nigeria 200 Possible
Degema Nigeria 10000 Possible
Deno Nigeria 6000 Possible
Dera Nigeria 20000 Possible
Dibo Nigeria 100000 Possible
Dijim-Bwilim Nigeria 25000 Possible
Diri Nigeria 7196 Possible
Dirim Nigeria 9000 Definite
Doka Nigeria 11386 Possible
Doko-Uyanga Nigeria 12 Possible
Dong Nigeria 5000 Possible
Duguri Nigeria 20000 Definite
Duguza Nigeria 2000 Possible
Duhwa Nigeria 800 Possible
Dulbu Nigeria 100 Possible
Dungu Nigeria 1104 Possible
Duwai Nigeria 11386 Possible
Dza Nigeria 20131 Definite
Ebughu Nigeria 5000 Possible
Efai Nigeria 5000 Possible
Efutop Nigeria 10000 Possible
Ehueun Nigeria 14244 Possible
Eki Nigeria 5000 Possible
Ekit Nigeria 200000 Possible
Ekpeye Nigeria 30000 Possible
Eloyi Nigeria 25000 Possible
Emai-Iuleha-Ora Nigeria 100000 Possible
Enwan Nigeria Uncertain Possible
Enwan Nigeria 15000 Possible
Epie Nigeria 12000 Possible
Eruwa Nigeria 64000 Possible
Etebi Nigeria 15000 Possible
Etkywan Nigeria 50167 Definite
Etulo Nigeria 10000 Definite
Evant Nigeria 11000 Probable
Fali Nigeria 20000 Possible
Fam Nigeria 1000 Possible
Firan Nigeria 2500 Possible
Fum Nigeria Uncertain Possible
Fungwa Nigeria 1000 Possible
Fyam Nigeria 12000 Definite
Fyer Nigeria 26131 Possible
Gaa Nigeria 10000 Possible
Gaanda Nigeria 43000 Possible
Gade Nigeria 72100 Definite
Galambu Nigeria 20000 Possible
Gbiri-Niragu Nigeria 25000 Possible
Geji Nigeria 6000 Possible
Gengle Nigeria 4000 Possible
Gera Nigeria 200000 Possible
Geruma Nigeria 9029 Possible
Ghotuo Nigeria 9000 Possible
Gibanawa Nigeria Uncertain Possible
Giiwo Nigeria 14000 Possible
Glavda Nigeria 31265 Definite
Gudu Nigeria 5000 Possible
Guduf-Gava Nigeria 55918 Possible
Gupa-Abawa Nigeria 15000 Possible
Gurmana Nigeria 3000 Possible
Guruntum-Mbaaru Nigeria 15000 Possible
Gvoko Nigeria 20000 Possible
Gwa Nigeria 979 Possible
Gwamhi-Wuri Nigeria 16000 Possible
Gwandara Nigeria 27349 Definite
Gyem Nigeria 1000 Possible
Hasha Nigeria 3000 Possible
Hausa SignLanguage Nigeria Uncertain Possible
Hone Nigeria 7000 Possible
Horom Nigeria 1500 Possible
Huba Nigeria 175000 Definite
Hwana Nigeria 32000 Definite
Ibilo Nigeria 5000 Possible
Ibino Nigeria 10000 Possible
Ibuoro Nigeria 5000 Possible
Idere Nigeria 5000 Possible
Idesa Nigeria 5693 Possible
Idon Nigeria 5000 Possible
Idun Nigeria 10000 Possible
Iguta Nigeria 6123 Possible
Igwe Nigeria 47845 Possible
Ihievbe Nigeria Uncertain Possible
Ija-Zuba Nigeria Uncertain Possible
Ika Nigeria 22772 Possible
Iko Nigeria 5000 Definite
Ikpeshi Nigeria 1826 Possible
Iku-Gora-Ankwa Nigeria Uncertain Possible
Ikulu Nigeria 50000 Possible
Ilue Nigeria 5000 Possible
Ito Nigeria 5000 Possible
Itu Mbon Uzo Nigeria 5000 Possible
Iyayu Nigeria 24651 Possible
Izora Nigeria 4816 Possible
Janji Nigeria 1150 Possible
Jara Nigeria 46251 Possible
Jarawa Nigeria 150000 Probable
Jere Nigeria 64850 Possible
Jiba Nigeria 2000 Definite
Jilbe Nigeria 100 Possible
Jimi Nigeria 1000 Possible
Jiru Nigeria 3416 Possible
Jorto Nigeria 4876 Possible
Ju Nigeria 900 Possible
Kaan Nigeria 10000 Possible
Kadara Nigeria 40000 Definite
Kagoma Nigeria 6250 Possible
Kaivi Nigeria 2323 Possible
Kakanda Nigeria 20000 Possible
Kakihum Nigeria 15000 Possible
Kam Nigeria 5000 Possible
Kamantan Nigeria 10000 Possible
Kami Nigeria 5000 Possible
Kamo Nigeria 20000 Possible
Kaningdon-Nindem Nigeria 2291 Possible
Kanufi Nigeria 10361 Possible
Kapya Nigeria 200 Possible
Karekare Nigeria 150000 Possible
Kariya Nigeria 2000 Possible
Kholok Nigeria 2500 Possible
Kinuku Nigeria 500 Possible
Kir-Balar Nigeria 3050 Possible
Koenoem Nigeria 3000 Possible
Kofa Nigeria Uncertain Possible
Kofyar Nigeria 109943 Definite
Kohumono Nigeria 30000 Definite
Kono Nigeria 5522 Possible
Korop Nigeria 27686 Possible
Kpan Nigeria 11386 Possible
Kpasam Nigeria 15000 Possible
Kugama Nigeria 5000 Possible
Kugbo Nigeria 2000 Definite
Kulere Nigeria 15570 Possible
Kulung Nigeria 15000 Possible
Kumba Nigeria 3416 Possible
Kupa Nigeria 20000 Possible
Kurama Nigeria 40284 Possible
Kushi Nigeria 11000 Possible
Kutto Nigeria 3000 Possible
Kuturmi Nigeria 10521 Possible
Kwa Nigeria 7000 Possible
Kwaami Nigeria 10000 Possible
Kwak Nigeria Uncertain Possible
Kyak Nigeria 5000 Possible
Laka Nigeria 5000 Possible
Lala-Roba Nigeria 46000 Definite
Lame Nigeria 10000 Possible
Lamja-Dengsa-Tola Nigeria 3416 Possible
Laru Nigeria 5000 Possible
Leelau Nigeria 5000 Possible
Legbo Nigeria 60000 Definite
Lemoro Nigeria 10000 Possible
Lenyima Nigeria Uncertain Possible
Leyigha Nigeria 10000 Possible
Loo Nigeria 8000 Possible
Lopa Nigeria 5000 Possible
Lubila Nigeria 11386 Possible
Luri Nigeria 30 Possible
Maaka Nigeria 10000 Possible
Maghdi Nigeria 2000 Possible
Mak Nigeria 5693 Possible
Mala Nigeria 6627 Possible
Mama Nigeria 20000 Definite
Mangas Nigeria 100 Possible
Marghi South Nigeria Uncertain Possible
Mashi Nigeria 1000 Possible
Mboi Nigeria 19000 Possible
Mbongno Nigeria 3000 Possible
Mbula-Bwazza Nigeria 40558 Possible
Mburku Nigeria 12000 Possible
Mingang Doso Nigeria 3000 Possible
Miship Nigeria 6000 Possible
Miya Nigeria 30000 Possible
Mom Jango Nigeria 110798 Definite
Montol Nigeria 21858 Possible
Moo Nigeria 5000 Possible
Mundat Nigeria 1000 Possible
Mvanip Nigeria 100 Possible
Nde-Gbite Nigeria Uncertain Possible
Nde-Nsele-Nta Nigeria 19500 Possible
Ndoe Nigeria 7344 Possible
Ndoola Nigeria 62569 Possible
Ndun Nigeria 3000 Possible
Ndunda Nigeria 300 Possible
Ngamo Nigeria 60000 Possible
Nggwahyi Nigeria 2000 Possible
Ngizim Nigeria 80000 Possible
Ngwaba Nigeria 10000 Possible
Nigerian SignLanguage Nigeria Uncertain Possible
Ningye Nigeria 3985 Possible
Nkari Nigeria 5000 Possible
Nkoroo Nigeria 4550 Possible
Nkukoli Nigeria 1000 Possible
Nnam Nigeria 3000 Possible
Nshi Nigeria Uncertain Possible
Numana-Nunku-Gbantu-Numbu Nigeria 30000 Possible
Nungu Nigeria 50000 Possible
Nyam Nigeria Uncertain Possible
Nyeng Nigeria 2000 Possible
Obanliku Nigeria 65000 Definite
Obulom Nigeria 3416 Possible
Ogbogolo Nigeria 10000 Possible
Ogbronuagum Nigeria 12000 Possible
Okobo Nigeria 50000 Possible
Okodia Nigeria 3600 Possible
Oko-Eni-Osayen Nigeria 10000 Possible
Okpamheri Nigeria 30000 Possible
Okpe Nigeria 8722 Possible
Okpe Nigeria 8700 Possible
Oloma Nigeria Uncertain Possible
Olulumo-Ikom Nigeria 30000 Possible
Oring Nigeria 75000 Definite
Oro Nigeria 75000 Possible
Oruma Nigeria 5000 Possible
Ososo Nigeria 6532 Possible
Otank Nigeria 3000 Possible
Paa Nigeria 8000 Possible
Pangseng Nigeria Uncertain Possible
Pe Nigeria 4000 Possible
Piti Nigeria 5534 Possible
Piya-Kwonci Nigeria 5000 Possible
Polci Nigeria 22000 Possible
Putukwam Nigeria 12000 Possible
Pyapun Nigeria 4635 Possible
Rang Nigeria Uncertain Possible
Rogo Nigeria Uncertain Possible
Ruma Nigeria 5090 Possible
Samba Daka Nigeria 107000 Definite
Sanga Nigeria 20142 Possible
Sasaru Nigeria 12456 Possible
Saya Nigeria 50000 Definite
Sha Nigeria 3000 Possible
Shakara Nigeria 3000 Possible
Shall-Zwall Nigeria 8900 Possible
Shamang Nigeria Uncertain Possible
Shama-Sambuga Nigeria 5000 Possible
Shiki Nigeria Uncertain Possible
Shoo-Minda-Nye Nigeria 10000 Possible
Shuwa-Zamani Nigeria 1000 Possible
Siri Nigeria Uncertain Possible
Sukur Nigeria 14779 Possible
Sur Nigeria 5000 Possible
Surubu Nigeria 7173 Possible
Tal Nigeria 10000 Possible
Tala Nigeria 1000 Possible
Tambas Nigeria 3000 Possible
Tanjijili Nigeria 8540 Possible
Tee Nigeria Uncertain Possible
Teme Nigeria 4000 Possible
Tha Nigeria 1000 Possible
Tita Nigeria 3416 Possible
Toro Nigeria 3928 Possible
Tso Nigeria 16000 Possible
Tumi Nigeria 2266 Possible
Ubang Nigeria 3416 Possible
Uda Nigeria 10000 Possible
Uhami Nigeria 13584 Possible
Ukaan Nigeria 18000 Possible
Ukpe-Bayobiri Nigeria 12000 Possible
Ukpet-Ehom Nigeria 11386 Possible
Ukue Nigeria 14085 Possible
Ukwa Nigeria 100 Possible
Ukwuani-Aboh-Ndoni Nigeria 150000 Possible
Ulukwumi Nigeria 10000 Possible
Umon Nigeria 20000 Possible
Uneme Nigeria 19846 Possible
Uokha Nigeria Uncertain Possible
Uvbie Nigeria 19801 Possible
Uzekwe Nigeria 5000 Possible
Vaghat-Ya-Bijim-Legeri Nigeria 20000 Possible
Vemgo-Mabas Nigeria 15000 Possible
Vono Nigeria 500 Possible
Voro Nigeria Uncertain Possible
Wannu Nigeria 3000 Possible
Wapha Nigeria 1605 Possible
Warji Nigeria 77665 Possible
Wom Nigeria 5000 Possible
Yendang Nigeria 62640 Possible
Yeskwa Nigeria 13000 Definite
Yiwom Nigeria 14050 Possible
Yukuben Nigeria 16000 Definite
Zangwal Nigeria 100 Possible
Zari Nigeria 20746 Possible
Zeem Nigeria 1708 Possible
Zhire Nigeria Uncertain Possible
Zumbun Nigeria 2000 Possible
Tanapag Northern Mariana Islands 4400 Definite
Norwegian SignLanguage Norway 4000 Possible
Traveller Norwegian Norway Uncertain Possible
Arabic, Dhofari Spoken Oman 70000 Possible
Arabic, Omani Spoken Oman 1010000 Possible
Bathari Oman 200 Possible
Hobyot Oman 100 Possible
Kumzari Oman 1700 Possible
Luwati Oman 5000 Possible
Shehri Oman 25000 Probable
Aer Pakistan 100 Possible
Badeshi Pakistan Uncertain Possible
Bateri Pakistan 29051 Possible
Bhaya Pakistan 70 Possible
Dameli Pakistan 5000 Possible
Dehwari Pakistan 13000 Possible
Ghera Pakistan 10000 Possible
Goaria Pakistan 25426 Possible
Gurgula Pakistan 35314 Possible
Hindko, Southern Pakistan 625000 Possible
Jadgali Pakistan 100000 Possible
Jandavra Pakistan 5000 Possible
Kabutra Pakistan 1000 Possible
Kalkoti Pakistan 4000 Possible
Khetrani Pakistan 3000 Possible
Lasi Pakistan 15000 Possible
Loarki Pakistan 20500 Possible
Memoni Pakistan Uncertain Possible
Od Pakistan 50000 Possible
Ormuri Pakistan 1050 Possible
Pahari-Potwari Pakistan 49440 Possible
Pakistan SignLanguage Pakistan Uncertain Possible
Pashto, Central Pakistan Uncertain Possible
Phalura Pakistan 8600 Possible
Shina, Kohistani Pakistan 200000 Possible
Sindhi Bhil Pakistan 56502 Possible
Ushojo Pakistan 2000 Possible
Vaghri Pakistan 10000 Possible
Waneci Pakistan 95000 Possible
Yidgha Pakistan 6145 Possible
Sonsorol Palau 600 Possible
Tobian Palau 22 Possible
Agi Papua New Guinea 955 Possible
Ainbai Papua New Guinea 100 Possible
Akolet Papua New Guinea 955 Possible
Akrukay Papua New Guinea 246 Possible
Amaimon Papua New Guinea 1781 Possible
Amal Papua New Guinea 831 Possible
Ambakich Papua New Guinea 770 Possible
Ambrak Papua New Guinea Uncertain Possible
Amol Papua New Guinea 268 Possible
Amto Papua New Guinea 185 Definite
Anamgura Papua New Guinea 1253 Definite
Andarum Papua New Guinea 1085 Possible
Andra-Hus Papua New Guinea 1309 Possible
Anem Papua New Guinea 550 Possible
Anor Papua New Guinea 981 Possible
Apalik Papua New Guinea 374 Possible
Arafundi Papua New Guinea 735 Possible
Aribwaung Papua New Guinea 1000 Possible
Aruek Papua New Guinea 740 Possible
Aruop Papua New Guinea 700 Possible
Askopan Papua New Guinea 1200 Possible
Auwe Papua New Guinea 410 Probable
Avau Papua New Guinea 621 Possible
Awtuw Papua New Guinea 506 Possible
Awun Papua New Guinea 400 Possible
Ayi Papua New Guinea 433 Possible
Baibai Papua New Guinea 345 Definite
Baimak Papua New Guinea 653 Possible
Baluan-Pam Papua New Guinea 1000 Probable
Bannoni Papua New Guinea 1000 Possible
Bariji Papua New Guinea 456 Possible
Bauwaki Papua New Guinea 398 Possible
Bebeli Papua New Guinea 1050 Possible
Beli Papua New Guinea 2202 Probable
Berinomo Papua New Guinea 353 Possible
Biem Papua New Guinea 1455 Possible
Bikaru Papua New Guinea 100 Possible
Bipi Papua New Guinea 1200 Possible
Bisis Papua New Guinea 500 Possible
Biwat Papua New Guinea 3042 Possible
Biyom Papua New Guinea 380 Possible
Bogaya Papua New Guinea 300 Possible
Bongu Papua New Guinea 854 Probable
Bragat Papua New Guinea 460 Possible
Brem Papua New Guinea 1190 Possible
Breri Papua New Guinea 1100 Probable
Budibud Papua New Guinea 309 Possible
Bulu Papua New Guinea 906 Possible
Buna Papua New Guinea 900 Probable
Burui Papua New Guinea 256 Possible
Chambri Papua New Guinea 1700 Possible
Changriwa Papua New Guinea 688 Possible
Chenapian Papua New Guinea 178 Possible
Daantanai Papua New Guinea 300 Possible
Dambi Papua New Guinea 711 Possible
Daonda Papua New Guinea 169 Probable
Degenan Papua New Guinea 789 Possible
Dia Papua New Guinea 1835 Possible
Dibiyaso Papua New Guinea 1953 Definite
Dima Papua New Guinea 754 Definite
Diodio Papua New Guinea 2184 Definite
Doga Papua New Guinea 200 Possible
Doghoro Papua New Guinea 267 Possible
Domung Papua New Guinea 2000 Possible
Duau Papua New Guinea 3550 Definite
Duduela Papua New Guinea 469 Probable
Duwet Papua New Guinea 400 Possible
Eitiep Papua New Guinea 501 Possible
Elepi Papua New Guinea 327 Possible
Elkei Papua New Guinea 1642 Possible
Ere Papua New Guinea 1030 Definite
Fas Papua New Guinea 1600 Definite
Fembe Papua New Guinea 350 Possible
Fiwaga Papua New Guinea 300 Possible
Gabutamon Papua New Guinea 329 Possible
Gaina Papua New Guinea 1406 Possible
Gal Papua New Guinea 355 Possible
Galeya Papua New Guinea 3414 Possible
Gants Papua New Guinea 1885 Possible
Garus Papua New Guinea 2652 Possible
Ginuman Papua New Guinea 1442 Definite
Gitua Papua New Guinea 759 Probable
Gnau Papua New Guinea 1325 Possible
Gobasi Papua New Guinea 1100 Possible
Gorakor Papua New Guinea 2741 Possible
Guntai Papua New Guinea 346 Possible
Guriaso Papua New Guinea 162 Possible
Gusan Papua New Guinea 800 Possible
Hahon Papua New Guinea 1300 Probable
Hako Papua New Guinea 5000 Probable
Heyo Papua New Guinea 2708 Definite
Humene Papua New Guinea 935 Definite
Ikobi-Mena Papua New Guinea 650 Possible
Imonda Papua New Guinea 250 Probable
Inapang Papua New Guinea 1611 Definite
Ipiko Papua New Guinea 200 Possible
Isabi Papua New Guinea 280 Possible
Isebe Papua New Guinea 915 Possible
Itutang Papua New Guinea 220 Possible
Jilim Papua New Guinea 647 Possible
Juwal Papua New Guinea 1444 Possible
Kairiru Papua New Guinea 3500 Possible
Kaki Ae Papua New Guinea 512 | Definite
Kalou Papua New Guinea 1370 Possible
Kandas Papua New Guinea 480 Possible
Kanggape Papua New Guinea 1085 Possible
Kaningra Papua New Guinea 330 Possible
Kapriman Papua New Guinea 1638 Possible
Kare Papua New Guinea 385 Possible
Karnai Papua New Guinea 915 Possible
Karore Papua New Guinea 550 Possible
Kele Papua New Guinea 600 Possible
Kerewo Papua New Guinea 2200 Possible
Kesawai Papua New Guinea 767 Possible
Keuru Papua New Guinea 4525 Possible
Kinalakna Papua New Guinea 220 Possible
Kis Papua New Guinea 220 Possible
Kobol Papua New Guinea 716 Probable
Koiari, Grass Papua New Guinea 1700 | Definite
Koiwat Papua New Guinea 450 Possible
Kolom Papua New Guinea 472 Possible
Kominimung Papua New Guinea 320 Possible
Kopar Papua New Guinea 230 Possible
Koro Papua New Guinea 400 Possible
Kove Papua New Guinea 6750 Definite
Krisa Papua New Guinea 421 Possible
Kumalu Papua New Guinea 2583 Possible
Kumukio Papua New Guinea 550 Possible
Kuni Papua New Guinea 4500 Definite
Kunja Papua New Guinea 294 Possible
Kwato Papua New Guinea 780 Possible
Kyenele Papua New Guinea 1253 Probable
Label Papua New Guinea 144 Possible
Laeko-Libuat Papua New Guinea 719 Possible
Lala Papua New Guinea 989 Definite
Langam Papua New Guinea 424 Possible
Lavatbura-Lamusong Papua New Guinea 1300 Possible
Leipon Papua New Guinea 650 Possible
Lesing-Gelimi Papua New Guinea 930 Possible
Likum Papua New Guinea 80 Possible
Loniu Papua New Guinea 460 Possible
Lusi Papua New Guinea 2000 Definite
Ma Papua New Guinea 570 Probable
Malalamai Papua New Guinea 548 Probable
Malas Papua New Guinea 650 Possible
Malasanga Papua New Guinea 900 Possible
Male Papua New Guinea 972 Possible
Mali Papua New Guinea 2200 Possible
Mamaa Papua New Guinea 200 Possible
Manem Papua New Guinea 900 Definite
Mape Papua New Guinea 5120 Possible
Mapena Papua New Guinea 275 Possible
Maramba Papua New Guinea 300 Possible
Mari Papua New Guinea 810 Possible
Mari Papua New Guinea 80 Possible
Maria Papua New Guinea 870 Definite
Matepi Papua New Guinea 284 Possible
Mehek Papua New Guinea 6300 Definite
Mekmek Papua New Guinea 1040 Possible
Minigir Papua New Guinea 373 Possible
Mokerang Papua New Guinea 200 Possible
Mondropolon Papua New Guinea 300 Possible
Mongol Papua New Guinea 336 Possible
Moresada Papua New Guinea 200 Possible
Morigi Papua New Guinea 700 Possible
Mubami Papua New Guinea 1730 Possible
Munit Papua New Guinea 911 Possible
Munkip Papua New Guinea 140 Possible
Murupi Papua New Guinea 300 Possible
Musar Papua New Guinea 685 Probable
Musom Papua New Guinea 200 Possible
Nabi Papua New Guinea 615 Definite
Nafi Papua New Guinea 160 Possible
Nakama Papua New Guinea 985 Possible
Nake Papua New Guinea 175 Possible
Nalik Papua New Guinea 5138 Possible
Nama Papua New Guinea 1196 Possible
Namo Papua New Guinea 385 Possible
Nekgini Papua New Guinea 430 Possible
Neko Papua New Guinea 315 Possible
Neme Papua New Guinea 305 Possible
Nen Papua New Guinea 250 Possible
Ngala Papua New Guinea 140 Possible
Niksek Papua New Guinea 926 Possible
Nimi Papua New Guinea 1380 Possible
Ningera Papua New Guinea 147 Possible
Ningil Papua New Guinea 952 Possible
Nomane Papua New Guinea 4645 Possible
Nomu Papua New Guinea 805 Possible
Nuk Papua New Guinea 1010 Possible
Numbami Papua New Guinea 270 Possible
Omati Papua New Guinea 800 Possible
One, Inebu Papua New Guinea 1300 | Possible
One, Kabore Papua New Guinea 300 | Possible
One, Kwamtim Papua New Guinea 150 | Possible
One, Northern Papua New Guinea 2000 | Possible
One, Southern Papua New Guinea 200 | Possible
Onjob Papua New Guinea 150 Definite
Ontenu Papua New Guinea 3000 Definite
Opao Papua New Guinea 1116 Possible
Oune Papua New Guinea 1900 Definite
Oyaoya Papua New Guinea 367 Probable
Pagi Papua New Guinea 2136 Definite
Pahi Papua New Guinea 845 Possible
Pak-Tong Papua New Guinea 970 Possible
Pal Papua New Guinea 1159 Possible
Papitalai Papua New Guinea 520 Possible
Parawen Papua New Guinea 430 Possible
Pasi Papua New Guinea 356 Possible
Pei Papua New Guinea 210 Possible
Penchal Papua New Guinea 550 Possible
Piame Papua New Guinea 100 Possible
Piu Papua New Guinea 100 Possible
Ponam Papua New Guinea 420 Possible
Puari Papua New Guinea 35 Possible
Pyu Papua New Guinea 100 Possible
Ramopa Papua New Guinea 1000 Possible
Rapting Papua New Guinea 335 Possible
Rawo Papua New Guinea 640 Possible
Rempi Papua New Guinea 1594 Possible
Rerau Papua New Guinea 588 Possible
Romkun Papua New Guinea 632 Possible
Ronji Papua New Guinea 449 Possible
Sakam Papua New Guinea 510 Possible
Sauk Papua New Guinea 605 Possible
Sengo Papua New Guinea 522 Possible
Sepa Papua New Guinea 697 Possible
Seta Papua New Guinea 155 Possible
Setaman Papua New Guinea 200 Possible
Seti Papua New Guinea 164 Possible
Sialum Papua New Guinea 645 Possible
Sihan Papua New Guinea 568 Probable
Sileibi Papua New Guinea 260 Possible
Siliput Papua New Guinea 515 Possible
Simbali Papua New Guinea 350 Possible
Simeku Papua New Guinea 1900 Possible
Sinagen Papua New Guinea 328 Possible
Sinsauru Papua New Guinea 505 Possible
Solos Papua New Guinea 3200 Possible
Sori-Harengan Papua New Guinea 570 Possible
Sowanda Papua New Guinea 1212 Definite
Suarmin Papua New Guinea 140 Possible
Suganga Papua New Guinea 700 Possible
Tabriak Papua New Guinea 2082 Possible
Tairuma Papua New Guinea 4500 Possible
Tangga Papua New Guinea 5800 Definite
Tanguat Papua New Guinea 745 Possible
Tauya Papua New Guinea 350 Possible
Terebu Papua New Guinea 128 Possible
Tomoip Papua New Guinea 700 Possible
Torau Papua New Guinea 605 Possible
Torricelli Papua New Guinea 517 Probable
Toura Papua New Guinea 335 Possible
Tulu-Bohuai Papua New Guinea 1400 Possible
Tumleo Papua New Guinea 793 Possible
Tuwari Papua New Guinea 125 Possible
Ufim Papua New Guinea 550 Possible
Ulau-Suain Papua New Guinea 2797 Possible
Umeda Papua New Guinea 289 Possible
Uneapa Papua New Guinea 10000 Probable
Urapmin Papua New Guinea 366 Possible
Urimo Papua New Guinea 799 Possible
Utarmbung Papua New Guinea 1166 Possible
Utu Papua New Guinea 585 Possible
Valman Papua New Guinea 1740 Possible
Vanimo Papua New Guinea 2667 Definite
Vehes Papua New Guinea 70 Possible
Wab Papua New Guinea 120 Probable
Wadaginam Papua New Guinea 947 Possible
Wagawaga Papua New Guinea 1294 Possible
Walio Papua New Guinea 227 Possible
Wampur Papua New Guinea 360 Possible
Wanambre Papua New Guinea 589 Definite
Wanap Papua New Guinea 1066 Possible
Wasembo Papua New Guinea 590 Possible
Watut, Middle Papua New Guinea 1350 | Definite
Watut, North Papua New Guinea 465 | Possible
Watut, South Papua New Guinea 889 | Possible
Wogamusin Papua New Guinea 700 Possible
Wogeo Papua New Guinea 1624 Possible
Wom Papua New Guinea 4264 Possible
Wutung Papua New Guinea 903 Possible
Yaben Papua New Guinea 700 Possible
Yabong Papua New Guinea 370 Possible
Yahang Papua New Guinea 1429 Possible
Yakamul Papua New Guinea 3463 Possible
Yamap Papua New Guinea 1581 Possible
Yambes Papua New Guinea 1078 Probable
Yangulam Papua New Guinea 405 Possible
Yangum Dey Papua New Guinea Uncertain | Possible
Yangum Gel Papua New Guinea Uncertain | Possible
Yangum Mon Papua New Guinea 732 | Possible
Yau Papua New Guinea 144 Possible
Yaul Papua New Guinea 1210 Possible
Yawiyo Papua New Guinea 100 Possible
Yelogu Papua New Guinea 162 Possible
Yerakai Papua New Guinea 390 Possible
Yil Papua New Guinea 2472 Possible
Yimas Papua New Guinea 300 Possible
Yis Papua New Guinea 325 Possible
Zenag Papua New Guinea 1818 Possible
Guana Paraguay 55 Possible
Tapiete Paraguay 203 Possible
Toba-Maskoy Paraguay 1280 Possible
Aymara, Southern Peru Uncertain Probable
Jaqaru Peru 2000 Possible
Mashco Piro Peru 20 Definite
Peruvian SignLanguage Peru Uncertain Definite
Quechua, Sihuas Ancash Peru 6500 Possible
Spanish, Loreto-Ucayali Peru Uncertain Possible
Agta, Camarines Norte Philippines 150 Possible
Agta, Mt. Iraya Philippines 150 Possible
Agta, Mt. Iriga Philippines 1500 Possible
Agta, Remontado Philippines 2527 Possible
Alta, Northern Philippines 200 Possible
Atta, Faire Philippines 300 Possible
Atta, Pudtol Philippines 711 Possible
Ayta, Bataan Philippines 500 Possible
Bicolano, Iriga Philippines 234361 Possible
Bicolano, Northern Catanduanes Philippines 122035 Possible
Bicolano, Southern Catanduanes Philippines 85000 Possible
Butuanon Philippines 34547 Possible
Capiznon Philippines 638653 Possible
Davawenyo Philippines 147279 Probable
Giangan Philippines 55040 Definite
Isinai Philippines 5524 Possible
Itneg, Banao Philippines 3500 Possible
Itneg, Maeng Philippines 18000 Possible
Itneg, Masadiit Philippines 7500 Possible
Kalinga, Mabaka Valley Philippines Uncertain Possible
Kallahan, Tinoc Philippines Uncertain Possible
Kamayo Philippines 7565 Possible
Karolanos Philippines 15131 Possible
Kasiguranin Philippines 10000 Possible
Magahat Philippines 7565 Possible
Mandaya, Cataelano Philippines 19000 Possible
Mandaya, Karaga Philippines 3000 Possible
Mandaya, Sangab Philippines 7565 Possible
Manobo, Cinamiguin Philippines 60000 Possible
Manobo, Rajah Kabunsuwan Philippines 7565 Possible
Porohanon Philippines 23000 Possible
Sulod Philippines 14000 Possible
Miranda Do Douro Portugal 15000 Possible
Portuguese SignLanguage Portugal 6000 Definite
Puerto Rican SignLanguage Puerto Rico 8000 | Definite
Reunion Creole French Reunion 595000 Possible
Akhvakh Russia 3490 Possible
Altai, Northern Russia 10000 Definite
Alutor Russia 100 Possible
Archi Russia 1000 Definite
Bagvalal Russia 2000 Possible
Botlikh Russia 5000 Possible
Chamalal Russia 5500 Possible
Chulym Russia 500 Possible
Enets, Forest Russia Uncertain Possible
Ghodoberi Russia 3000 Possible
Hinukh Russia 200 Possible
Hunzib Russia 2000 Possible
Ingrian Russia 302 Possible
Karagas Russia 25 Possible
Karata Russia 5000 Possible
Ket Russia 550 Possible
Khvarshi Russia 1800 Possible
Ludian Russia Uncertain Possible
Oroch Russia 100 Possible
Orok Russia 33 Possible
Russian SignLanguage Russia Uncertain Definite
Saami, Kildin Russia 800 Definite
Selkup Russia 1570 Definite
Tindi Russia 5000 Possible
Ulch Russia 500 Possible
Yupik, Naukan Russia 75 Possible
Angolar São Tomé e PrÍncipe 5000 | Definite
Arabic, Hijazi Spoken Saudi Arabia 6000000 | Possible
Arabic, Najdi Spoken Saudi Arabia 9863520 | Possible
Saudi Arabian SignLanguage Saudi Arabia Uncertain | Possible
Bainouk-Samik Senegal 1685 Definite
Gusilay Senegal 13950 Definite
Lehar Senegal 10925 Definite
Mlomp Senegal 4895 Definite
Palor Senegal 9680 Definite
Romano-Serbian Serbia and Montenegro Uncertain Possible
Yugoslavian SignLanguage Serbia and Montenegro 30000 | Definite
Sierra Leone SignLanguage Sierra Leone Uncertain | Possible
Singapore SignLanguage Singapore Uncertain Possible
Slovakian SignLanguage Slovakia Uncertain Possible
Slovenian, Resian Slovenia 1025 Possible
Anuta Solomon Islands 360 Possible
Asumboa Solomon Islands 10 Possible
Baelelea Solomon Islands 8800 Possible
Birao Solomon Islands 5900 Definite
Dorio Solomon Islands 2406 Possible
Duke Solomon Islands 2312 Possible
Fagani Solomon Islands 902 Possible
Fataleka Solomon Islands 6703 Possible
Gulaalaa Solomon Islands 1568 Possible
Longgu Solomon Islands 1894 Possible
Ririo Solomon Islands 79 Possible
Savosavo Solomon Islands 2415 Definite
Sikaiana Solomon Islands 920 Definite
Talise Solomon Islands 12525 Possible
Tanimbili Solomon Islands 15 Possible
Teanu Solomon Islands 24 Probable
Touo Solomon Islands 1874 Definite
Vaghua Solomon Islands 1960 Possible
Vangunu Solomon Islands 907 Possible
Dabarre Somalia 20000 Possible
Garre Somalia 50000 Possible
Jiiddu Somalia 20000 Possible
Mushungulu Somalia 20000 Possible
Tunni Somalia 20000 Possible
Oorlams South Africa Uncertain Possible
Catalonian SignLanguage Spain 18000 Possible
Fala Spain 10500 Definite
Quinqui Spain Uncertain Possible
Indo-Portuguese Sri Lanka 4106 Possible
Sri Lankan Creole Malay Sri Lanka | 50000 | Possible
Sri Lankan SignLanguage Sri Lanka 12800 | Definite
Afitti Sudan 4510 Possible
Beli Sudan 6600 Definite
Boguru Sudan 494 Possible
Bongo Sudan 10084 Possible
Dair Sudan 1000 Possible
Dinka, Northwestern Sudan 80000 Possible
Dongotono Sudan 6219 Possible
El Hugeirat Sudan 1000 Possible
Feroge Sudan 8000 Probable
Ghulfan Sudan 16000 Possible
Jabaal Sudan Uncertain Possible
Jumjum Sudan 50374 Definite
Kacipo-Balesi Sudan 14120 Definite
Kadaru Sudan 12360 Possible
Katla Sudan 14200 Definite
Keiga Sudan 6100 Possible
Kelo Sudan 200 Possible
Kenuzi-Dongola Sudan 280000 Possible
Ko Sudan 2700 Possible
Komo Sudan 11500 Definite
Lafofa Sudan 5140 Possible
Lango Sudan 20000 Possible
Logol Sudan 2600 Possible
Mandari Sudan 115997 Possible
Midob Sudan 30000 Possible
Moda Sudan 600 Possible
Molo Sudan 100 Possible
Morokodo Sudan 3400 Definite
Narim Sudan 3623 Possible
Ngile Sudan 38000 Definite
Njalgulgule Sudan 900 Possible
Nyamusa-Molo Sudan 1200 Possible
Reel Sudan 50000 Possible
Shatt Sudan 15000 Definite
Shwai Sudan 3500 Possible
Tagoi Sudan 13000 Probable
Talodi Sudan 1500 Possible
Tegali Sudan 35740 Probable
Temein Sudan 10000 Possible
Tima Sudan 3305 Possible
Tingal Sudan 8000 Probable
Tocho Sudan 3800 Definite
Tumtum Sudan 7300 Possible
Wali Sudan 490 Possible
Warnang Sudan 1100 Possible
Finnish, Tornedalen Sweden 109579 Possible
Jamtska Sweden 30000 Possible
Swiss-French SignLanguage Switzerland 1000 Possible
Swiss-German SignLanguage Switzerland 6000 Possible
Swiss-Italian SignLanguage Switzerland 200 Possible
Walser Switzerland 12780 Possible
Taiwan SignLanguage Taiwan 82558 Definite
Parya Tajikistan 2495 Possible
Yagnobi Tajikistan 2000 Definite
Aasax Tanzania 350 Possible
Aramanik Tanzania 3000 Definite
Bende Tanzania 27000 Definite
Bondei Tanzania 80000 Definite
Doe Tanzania 24000 Possible
Gorowa Tanzania 50000 Possible
Hangaza Tanzania 150000 Definite
Isanzu Tanzania 32400 Probable
Kahe Tanzania 2700 Possible
Kami Tanzania 16411 Possible
Kara Tanzania 86000 Definite
Kimbu Tanzania 78000 Probable
Kisankasa Tanzania 4670 Definite
Kisi Tanzania 10000 Definite
Konongo Tanzania 51000 Definite
Kutu Tanzania 45000 Definite
Machinga Tanzania 36000 Possible
Magoma Tanzania 9000 Possible
Matengo Tanzania 150000 Definite
Matumbi Tanzania 72000 Definite
Mbugwe Tanzania 24000 Probable
Mbunga Tanzania 29000 Possible
Mediak Tanzania 5268 Definite
Mosiro Tanzania 5268 Definite
Mpoto Tanzania 80000 Possible
Mwera Tanzania 2000 Possible
Mwera Tanzania 400000 Definite
Ndendeule Tanzania 100000 Definite
Ndengereko Tanzania 110000 Definite
Ndonde Hamba Tanzania 10000 Possible
Ngindo Tanzania 220000 Possible
Ngoni Tanzania 205000 Definite
Nindi Tanzania Uncertain Possible
Nyambo Tanzania 400000 Definite
Pangwa Tanzania 177000 Possible
Pimbwe Tanzania 29000 Definite
Rombo Tanzania Uncertain Definite
Rufiji Tanzania 200000 Definite
Rungwa Tanzania 18000 Definite
Sagala Tanzania 79000 Definite
Shubi Tanzania 153000 Definite
Subi Tanzania Uncertain Possible
Sumbwa Tanzania 191000 Probable
Tanzanian SignLanguage Tanzania Uncertain Definite
Tongwe Tanzania 13000 Definite
Vidunda Tanzania 32000 Definite
Vinza Tanzania 10000 Definite
Ware Tanzania Uncertain Definite
Aheu Thailand 1000 Possible
Ban Khor SignLanguage Thailand Uncertain Possible
Lawa, Eastern Thailand 7000 Definite
Malay, Kedah Thailand Uncertain Possible
Nyeu Thailand 24 Definite
Phuan Thailand 204704 Possible
Pray 3 Thailand 38808 Possible
Thai SignLanguage Thailand 51000 Definite
Thai Song Thailand 20000 Definite
Tonga Thailand 300 Possible
Ugong Thailand 80 Possible
Yong Thailand 12561 Possible
Yoy Thailand 5000 Possible
Akaselem Togo 47500 Definite
Wudu Togo 2000 Possible
Niuafoou Tonga 690 Possible
Tobagonian Creole English Trinidad and Tobago | 36000 | Possible
Trinidadian Creole English Trinidad and Tobago | 9600 | Possible
Tunisian SignLanguage Tunisia Uncertain Possible
Balkan Gagauz Turkish Turkey 331000 Possible
Hertevin Turkey 1000 Possible
Turkish SignLanguage Turkey Uncertain Possible
Turks And Caicos Creole English Turks | and | Caicos | Islands | 10730 | Possible
Amba Uganda 20500 Definite
Ik Uganda 10000 Definite
Kenyi Uganda 390115 Possible
Madi, Southern Uganda 48000 Possible
Nubi Uganda 25000 Possible
Ruli Uganda 68010 Possible
Soo Uganda 5000 Definite
Tooro Uganda 488024 Possible
Ugandan SignLanguage Uganda Uncertain Possible
Jakati Ukraine 30615 Possible
Rusyn Ukraine 610289 Possible
Ukrainian SignLanguage Ukraine Uncertain Possible
Arabic, Shihhi Spoken United Arab Emirates | 27000 | Possible
Romani, Welsh United Kingdom Uncertain Possible
Traveller Scottish United Kingdom 4000 Possible
Uruguayan SignLanguage Uruguay Uncertain Possible
Crimean Turkish Uzbekistan 457000 Possible
Amblong Vanuatu 150 Possible
Aulua Vanuatu 300 Possible
Axamb Vanuatu 525 Possible
Baetora Vanuatu 540 Possible
Bieria Vanuatu 170 Possible
Burmbar Vanuatu 525 Possible
Butmas-Tur Vanuatu 525 Possible
Dakaka Vanuatu 600 Possible
Dixon Reef Vanuatu 50 Possible
Emae Vanuatu 200 Possible
Eton Vanuatu 500 Possible
Fortsenal Vanuatu 150 Possible
Hiw Vanuatu 120 Possible
Katbol Vanuatu 450 Possible
Koro Vanuatu 105 Possible
Labo Vanuatu 350 Possible
Lakona Vanuatu 300 Possible
Larevat Vanuatu 150 Possible
Lehali Vanuatu 150 Possible
Lehalurup Vanuatu 90 Possible
Lelepa Vanuatu 400 Possible
Letemboi Vanuatu 305 Possible
Lingarak Vanuatu 210 Possible
Litzlitz Vanuatu 330 Possible
Lonwolwol Vanuatu 600 Possible
Lorediakarkar Vanuatu 335 Possible
Mae Vanuatu 750 Possible
Maewo, Central Vanuatu 350 Possible
Mafea Vanuatu 50 Possible
Malua Bay Vanuatu 300 Possible
Marino Vanuatu 180 Possible
Merlav Vanuatu 1350 Possible
Morouas Vanuatu 150 Possible
Mpotovoro Vanuatu 180 Possible
Namakura Vanuatu 2850 Possible
Narango Vanuatu 160 Possible
Navut Vanuatu 525 Possible
Nokuku Vanuatu 160 Possible
Nume Vanuatu 450 Possible
Piamatsina Vanuatu 150 Possible
Polonombauk Vanuatu 225 Possible
Port Sandwich Vanuatu 750 Possible
Port Vato Vanuatu 750 Possible
Repanbitip Vanuatu 90 Possible
Rerep Vanuatu 375 Possible
Roria Vanuatu 150 Possible
Seke Vanuatu 300 Possible
Shark Bay Vanuatu 225 Possible
Tambotalo Vanuatu 50 Possible
Tasmate Vanuatu 150 Possible
Tiale Vanuatu 150 Possible
Toga Vanuatu 315 Possible
Tolomako Vanuatu 450 Definite
Tutuba Vanuatu 150 Possible
Unua Vanuatu 525 Possible
Valpei Vanuatu 300 Possible
Vao Vanuatu 1350 Possible
Vatrata Vanuatu 600 Possible
Vinmavis Vanuatu 210 Possible
Vunapu Vanuatu 375 Possible
Wailapa Vanuatu 100 Possible
Wetamut Vanuatu 157 Possible
Wusi Vanuatu 170 Possible
German, Colonia Tovar Venezuela Uncertain Possible
Guarequena Venezuela 705 Possible
Japreria Venezuela 90 Possible
Mandahuaca Venezuela 3000 Possible
Venezuelan SignLanguage Venezuela Uncertain Definite
Cao Lan VietNam 200000 Definite
Cham, Eastern VietNam 72883 Definite
Chut VietNam 4300 Definite
Coong VietNam 2000 Possible
Cua VietNam 27766 Definite
En VietNam 200 Possible
Haiphong SignLanguage VietNam Uncertain Possible
Halang VietNam 17500 Definite
Halang Doan VietNam 2000 Possible
Hanoi SignLanguage VietNam Uncertain Possible
Haroi VietNam 35000 Definite
Hmong Shua VietNam 60 Possible
Ho Chi Minh City SignLanguage VietNam | Uncertain | Possible
Katua VietNam 3000 Definite
Kayong VietNam 2000 Definite
Khang VietNam 10272 Definite
Khao VietNam 10000 Possible
Khua VietNam 5000 Possible
Lachi VietNam 9500 Definite
Lachi, White VietNam 1600 Definite
Laghuu VietNam 1000 Possible
Laha VietNam 5686 Possible
Maa VietNam 33338 Definite
Mang VietNam 2800 Definite
Mantsi VietNam Uncertain Possible
Mnong, Eastern VietNam 30000 Definite
Monom VietNam 5000 Definite
Na-Meo VietNam 1200 Possible
Nguon VietNam 20000 Possible
Odu VietNam 501 Definite
Pacoh VietNam 29000 Definite
Phuong VietNam 15112 Possible
Puoc VietNam 20018 Definite
Qabiao VietNam 614 Definite
Rengao VietNam 16000 Definite
Roglai, Cacgia VietNam 3000 Definite
Romam VietNam 250 Definite
Sedang VietNam 101500 Definite
Stieng, Bulo VietNam 72847 Definite
Tai Daeng VietNam 165000 Possible
Tai Do VietNam 24 Possible
Tai Hang Tong VietNam 10000 Possible
Tai Thanh VietNam 20000 Possible
Takua VietNam 12768 Definite
Tay VietNam 1477514 Definite
Tay Sa Pa VietNam 300 Possible
Tay Tac VietNam Uncertain Possible
Tho VietNam 68394 Probable
Thu Lao VietNam 200 Possible
Todrah VietNam 9142 Definite
Trieng VietNam 27000 Definite
Ts'un-Lao VietNam 10000 Possible
Arabic, Hadrami Spoken Yemen 410000 Possible
Arabic, Sanaani Spoken Yemen 7600000 Possible
Mehri Yemen 135764 Possible
Soqotri Yemen 70000 Possible
Aushi Zambia 90200 Possible
Bwile Zambia 12360 Possible
Luyana Zambia 100000 Possible
Mashi Zambia 50000 Definite
Mbowe Zambia 2690 Possible
Sala Zambia 20400 Possible
Simaa Zambia 74800 Possible
Soli Zambia 54400 Definite
Totela Zambia 14000 Possible
Zambian SignLanguage Zambia Uncertain Possible
Dombe Zimbabwe Uncertain Possible
Zimbabwe SignLanguage Zimbabwe Uncertain Possible
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