Glossa Is an application for developing Lexicons and Grammar Documentation on Low-Resource Languages, to aid in translation and Language Development efforts.

This is my Pet Project, and I love it dearly. Sadly, funding dried up for this, and development has stalled, but a working Beta is available at

I did all the UX design and some of the front-end code, we have a working Transcription interface, P2P documentation sharing (no internet connection required, as Low Resource Language development often happens in offline locations), a tagging system utilizing the OCM (check out the HRAF for more info on what that is!), and several NGO teams started actually field testing the software.

Matthew Moran built this with electron, angular, and a Material Design front-end Framework.

The app is cross platform, and was intended to be a working replacement for a tool called FieldWorks, which is a .NET windows-only application in this space as well.

The site and the Beta are still up and download-able... check it out!

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