Hello, I'm Chris Jones.  I'm just some spoiled religious rich kid, on an incredible adventure.


Check out my Instagram if you want to SEE what I was up to last time I really used it. I also Tweet from time to time. Social medias is rad for checking out sick car stuff and cute DOG pictures. You know.

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Grew up in CA, school in MI, IN and MO, and now 'from OK'.

Now, I live in PNG (Papua New Guinea). I do Translation and Community Development work there, working for an NGO. 

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Married since 2005, I've made two children with my babe wife, and they are pretty legit. They are pretty much all I care about, but I like theology and code too. I might post stuff related to my interests here, and probably a CV if I ever might want you to hire me for something someday. 

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